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Trail Running Shoes

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About Us: Trail Running Shoes Team

Hello and welcome to the Trail Running Shoe’s website. We are trailing running fans and hikers who love running on the trail. We are also gear geeks who are always buying and trying new gear. Our website aims to help fellow runners get the most from trail running.

We’ll provide training tips, articles, guides, and reviews. We are not elite runners; we are average runners who run for fun and enjoyment. That does not mean we don’t sometimes have a competitive streak. We know our limitations, though, and we won’t set any FKTs soon. I’ve completed a few ultramarathon events and have another one booked for June 2023. My training is going well, and I’ve had a chance to test out new gear.

Our contributors do our best to feature and cover running shoes, ultra-running gear, and equipment we genuinely believe in. We spend many hours researching, comparing, testing, and aggregating our findings to provide our reader’s information. We hope you enjoy visiting trail running shoes.

We all have our favourite gear; I enjoy running in Salomon and Saucony; however, I also own Nike, Hoka, Berghaus, Inov-8, Altra, The North Face, Mizuno, and other footwear. I am on my 3rd pair of Salomon Ultra Glide – I find them the perfect fit for my running style and the terrain I run.

It’s not just about shoes, though – despite the website name. We cover all types of gear, from socks, poles, vests, shorts, packs, nutrition, and so much more.

We won’t only focus on high-end/top-of-the-line. I have bought older models – as in not the latest seasons; they tend to be cheaper and budget-friendly. If the trainer were good 1 year ago, it would still be good today. We are 100% against gear snobbery.

Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links, and I earn a small commission from any sale that occurs via my links. This, however, does not change my opinion; I always do my best to provide the facts and suggest products that will benefit my users. You pay no more and no less for using these links. It does, however, help to sustain my blog.