The AONIJIE 5.5L Hydration running pack is affordable and offers excellent value for money. Perfect for longer weekend runs and ultra events where you need to carry mandatory kit, water and snacks. This AONIJIE hydration running pack has everything you need in terms of functionality, space and comfort.

Today we’ll take a more in-depth look at the AONIJIE 5.5L Hydration running pack and see what it has to offer. We’ll highlight the key features and advantages of this pack. However, we’ll also point out its disadvantages and suggest some alternative running vests and packs.

AONIJIE 5.5L Pack Review: Table of Contents

AONIJIE 5.5L Hydration Running Pack Overview

Breathable Fabric & Adjustable Fit

The built for ultramarathons or long-distance running in mind, this hydration backpack by AONIJIE uses a breathable mesh fabric that contours and conforms to your body shape. The breathability aspect to the pack also wicks away moisture and ensures that it dries quickly.

AONIJIE 5.5L Hydration Running Backpack Men & Women & Kids

The adjustable strap allows you to adjust the tightness according to your preference and needs. You can make it fit your body stably and put it off quickly. the straps can slide up and down to a comfortable position. After a bit of tweaking, the backpack stayed in place and didn’t move at all.

On the negative side, the pack lacks compression cords – so when the bladder empties, it can move around inside the pack a little. If you are looking for a 5L running pack with less bounce, consider the Salomon Active Skin 4 set.

Large Capacity & Plenty Of Pockets

AONIJIE Hydration Running Backpack

The 5.5L hydration pack’s multi-pocket design allows you to collect things in order. You’ll be able to pack running gloves, winter hat, waterproof shell/jacket into the back compartment along with keys, wallet etc. Enough room for storing what you need for a run. You find space for a water bottle and a good-sized phone pocket on the front of the pack (or two water bottles).

On the rear of the pack, you’ll find two loops to stow your trekking poles. Whilst they do hold the poles, they will still move around a little as your run.

Reflective & High Visibility Accents

Thanks to the AONIJIE 5.5L Hydration Running Pack, you’ll be seen in low-light and dark conditions with a thoughtful design. The reflective accents are visible both on the front or rear, ensuring your safety at sundown and night. Visibility is vital during ultramarathon events, especially when walking, jogging or running late at night on dark, unlit country roads or field crossing points.

AONIJIE Hydration Pack Buying Options

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AONIJIE 5.5L Hydration Running Pack - Final Thoughts

Overall, the AONIJIE Hydration Running Pack offers you an affordable option when shopping for a hydration pack that you can use on those long runs. Not only can this pack be used by runners, but it will also serve hikers and cyclists who what a lightweight pack with plenty of storage space.

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