Old knee injuries can be psychologically debilitating, making it hard for athletes or anyone active to continue doing what they love. Many times, people turn to braces and other products that are bulky and uncomfortable – which are commonly found in high-street chemists. However, with Azengear Knee Support Compression Sleeves, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and can keep active. In this review, I’ll let you know how I got on with them when running and explore how these sleeves help provide stability and relief from pain caused by various injuries.

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Azengear Knee Support Compression Sleeves Review

Azengear Knee Support Sleeves First Impressions

I was kindly sent a pair of Azengear Knee Support Sleeves to try out, and here I’ll share my thoughts with you guys. Straight out of the pack, I was impressed with their look and feel. They appeared to be well-made using a high-quality 3D knitted material that had a soft, comfortable feel yet looked breathable.

Azengear Knee Compression Tested On A Long Run

Knee Supporting Design & Comfort

There are targeted supports around the knee area of the compression sleeves, which is just what you want to add to that extra bit of security. I could feel the sleeve gripping my leg snugly as soon as I put it on, but it wasn’t restrictive.

Azengear Knee Support Run Review

On the inside of the Azengear Knee Sleeves above the lower thigh area are wavey rubber grips that help keep the sleeve secure and in place. This is important because nothing is worse than constantly adjusting the knee braces when out running or during an ultra event.

Azengear Knee Compression Sizing

The Azengear Knee Sleeves come in Unisex sizing. I opted for a medium size, and the fit was great. Their advice is to measure around the knee joint when ordering, and if that comes out as 16-18 inches, then order a medium size, which I did. The sizing chart is easy to follow and work out your size, and they also have the sizing in centimetres if you prefer to work that way.

Azengear Performance When Running

I have been using these compression sleeves for a few runs, and I love them! Not only do they keep my knee joints warm, but they offer extra support when running downhill trails. In 2021 I suffered a knee injury with a meniscus tear. I am now a little paranoid about a recurrence – especially when running over uneven terrain where my knees could buckle on an unseen rock, tracks, grass-covered hole etc. The Azengear Knee Sleeves offer invaluable protection and peace of mind!

I plan to test these during training and will update this Azengear Knee Sleeve review as and when I have something to add. All being well, I will use it for a 50K Ultramarathon in the Lake District in June 2023. I’ll let you know how I got on with them if I do.

Azengear Knee Support Sleeves Pros & Cons


  • High-quality construction and materials which are supportive yet breathable.
  • Not restrictive, so you can maintain good form when running on the road or trail.
  • Targeted supports to the knee area give you confidence when running, playing sports or working out in the gym.
  • Wavey rubber grips keep the security and ensure the sleeves won’t slip when running.
  • Easy-to-understand sizing chart with centimetres if you prefer.
  • Excellent if you have suffered a knee injury and want that extra protection.
  • I’m a runner; that is what I’ve tested them doing. However, they are also great for sports, gym work, weightlifting, hiking or daily life.


  • Maybe not suitable if your injury requires you to be sedentary and not move. These are knee supports for active people who want extra support or have fully recovered.

Who Are Azengear?

Azengear is a brand with a mission to make compression wear that’s designed for athletes, by athletes. They have a range of compression sleeves for ankles, calves, knees, elbows and socks for running, cycling or other sports or activities. If you are looking for high-quality compression wear at a great price, then Azengear could be your go-to brand. Take a look below at some of the other gear this brand has to offer.

Full Azengear Compression Range

Final Thoughts On Azengear Knee Support Compression Sleeves

I’m really impressed with the Azengear Knee Sleeves. They are well-made using quality materials, offer great support and comfort, and stay in place. After a few runs on road and trail, I highly recommend them if you need that extra support.

They are great for running, cycling, gym work and other activities. The sizing chart was a cinch to follow, and I’m glad I followed the instructions, as the medium size fit perfectly. So if you are looking for sporty, breathable, quality knee support, give them a try.

Want to know more about Knee support sleeves and braces in general and how they can help you? Check out the following sections, where we will look at how knee braces and sleeves work, how they help with injuries and when you should use them.

More Knee Support Sleeves Information

Runner Wearing Azengear Knee Support

Thanks for reading the review, guys. Now we’ll look at how knee sleeves work in general and when they should be used. Thanks for sticking with us if you’ve got this far. We hope you find this additional information useful.

What Are Knee Support Sleeves?

Knee support compression sleeves provide support and compression to the knee joint and have been found to be effective in research studies. Commonly used by athletes and other active individuals. Knee support sleeves are designed to help reduce the risk of injury and provide extra stability to your knees by increasing the surface area over which your muscles can act. This enables you to maintain good form during exercise while helping reduce pain or discomfort caused by weak or overused muscles or joints.

How Does Compression Help The Knee?

Compression helps increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, which can help relieve pain. Additionally, the compression provided by knee support sleeves increases the stability of knee muscles and ligaments, reducing the risk of further injury. Is compression proven to work, though? In short, research has shown that compression can help with knee pain and healing. We know this because compression is a crucial component of the RICE treatment process. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

When Should I Use Knee Support Sleeves?

Compression knee sleeves can be used for a variety of situations. These sleeves are ideal for an athlete looking to prevent or recover from a recent injury or surgery. You can also wear them to reduce the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, tendinitis, or osteoarthritis. Knee support sleeves are also ideal for getting back into fitness or needing extra stability and protection.

Support For Patella Fracture, ACL, PCL, TCL, MCL & Ligament Injuries

Patella Fracture: The compression and support provided by the Azengear Knee Sleeves can help reduce pain and swelling associated with a patella fracture.

ACL: Can help relieve pain and swelling associated with damage to the anterior cruciate ligament. A serious injury such as an ACL can require surgery and physical therapy. Still, the sleeves can act as an interim solution while rehabilitation progresses.

PCL: Compression support can aid in recovering from a posterior cruciate ligament injury by providing stability and reducing strain on the injured area.

TCL: Provides support for the lateral collateral ligament, which must be stabilized following injury. A knee brace/support can help and aid your recovery post-professional treatment.

MCL: Aids in recovering from a medial collateral ligament sprain by providing support and limiting movement around the injured area. Recovery and be accelerated with the help of a compression sleeve.

Ligament Injury: A knee support can be beneficial in limiting movement and protecting the ligaments, even from strains and strain to the collateral ligaments.

Even if you have fully recovered from your injury, psychologically, you might always worry about the back of your mind. Using knee support helps with this by providing extra security and protection. Please remember to consult with your doctor if you have a severe injury, don’t ignore it or try and treat it yourself; get medical advice. For more information, you can also look at our other articles related to injuries and recovery.

Final Thoughts

Wearing The Azengear Knee Sleeve

Knee support compression sleeves such as the one by Azengear are a great way to provide protection and stability for athletes. Compression helps increase blood flow to the knee joint and reduce inflammation, resulting in pain relief. Research supports this notion as compression is integral to the RICE treatment process.

The use of knee support sleeves can be beneficial for patella fractures, ACL, PCL, TCL, MCL and ligament injuries. In each case, the sleeves help reduce pain and swelling while providing extra support and stability to the injured area. Even if you have fully recovered, knee support sleeves help psychologically by giving an extra layer of security and protection.

It is always best to consult a doctor if you have a severe injury; they can advise on the best treatment plan. A knee support can be beneficial in helping with recovery, stability and protection, even when used as an interim solution after professional treatment. For those seeking extra safety and security for their knees, Azengear has a range of excellent knee support products designed to provide just that.

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