Trekking poles can be essential to a hiker or walker’s kit. Not only do they help take the load off of your legs, but they also provide stability and support on uneven terrain. But with so many options available, knowing which type of trekking pole is best for you can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best budget trekking poles in the UK to help you find the perfect pair for your next adventure or when taking on a ultra challenge walking event!

Table of Contents: Best Budget Trekking Poles

Best Budget Trekking Poles For Walking

When creating this list, we have looked at several factors, from weight and strength to price and features. We have also considered customer reviews to ensure you get a top-quality product. Whether you’re a novice hiker or an experienced ultra walker, we have the perfect trekking pole. So, let’s look at the best budget trekking poles in the UK.

TrailBuddy Walking Poles - Most Popular

TrailBuddy Walking Poles are a great choice for budget-conscious hikers. Crafted from durable aluminium, these poles offer excellent strength without adding significant weight to your gear. The adjustable height feature ensures ease of use for walkers of any stature, and the comfortable cork handles prevent hand sweat, providing a firm grip even on long journeys. TrailBuddy poles are the most popular choice on Amazon and have received many positive and high ratings from tens of thousands of users.

The package includes a pair of mud baskets for muddy terrains and rubber tips for urban areas, making it versatile for all sorts of adventures. A standout feature is the flip-lock mechanism, which ensures the poles remain at the desired length without slipping, increasing safety during your hikes. Plus, they come in a variety of vibrant colours, adding an element of fun to your treks. With TrailBuddy Walking Poles, you’re assured of a reliable companion on your hiking trails, all at an affordable price.

COVACURE Walking Poles

COVACURE Walking Poles are the epitome of functionality meeting affordability. These poles feature a unique Z-fold design, making them compact and easy to store when not in use. This design also simplifies the process of adjusting the height, making them suitable for hikers of all sizes. Despite their budget-friendly price, these poles maintain quality and durability. They are built to withstand the challenging terrains and weather conditions typically associated with ultra-challenge walks.
These poles will provide the necessary support and stability, reducing the strain on your legs and increasing your endurance on long treks. The COVACURE Walking Poles bring together the best of cost-effectiveness, functionality, and durability, making them an ideal choice for novice ultra-challenge walkers.

Trekology TREK-Z Walking Poles

Trekology TREK-Z Walking Poles are an unbeatable addition to your hiking essentials, especially if you’re a fan of lightweight, compact, and user-friendly gear. These trekking poles are designed with a Z-fold mechanism, which provides a swift and hassle-free setup and disassembly process. This ingenious design also enables compactness, making the poles easy to carry in your backpack when not in use. Constructed from robust aluminium, the Trekology TREK-Z poles are sturdy, long-lasting, and incredibly light, ensuring they don’t become a burden on your adventures.

The cork handles add comfort and convenience, offering a soft, non-slip grip, even in wet conditions, and reducing hand fatigue on prolonged hikes. These poles are also adjustable, catering to walkers of all heights. With their exceptional functionality, comfort, and affordability, Trekology TREK-Z Walking Poles are a fantastic investment for both seasoned hikers and beginners alike.

TheFitLife Hiking Poles

TheFitLife Hiking Poles are a top-tier choice for hikers seeking premium performance at a reasonable cost. These poles are crafted from high-grade 6 Series Aluminium, renowned for its robustness and durability. The standout feature of these trekking poles is their superior shock-absorbing capability. This attribute significantly minimises the impact force, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue during your treks.

TheFitLife has also paid great attention to comfort, providing extra-long EVA foam handles that are soft to touch and offer an excellent grip. These handles are designed to absorb moisture effectively, ensuring slip-free hold even when your hands are sweaty. The added convenience of straps further enhances the usability of the poles, making your hiking experience more comfortable and enjoyable. With their advanced anti-shock mechanism and emphasis on user comfort, TheFitLife Hiking Poles are the perfect companions for outdoor ventures, offering high functionality without compromising affordability.

Comparing Budget Trekking Poles Features

Comparing the features of these budget-friendly trekking poles, it’s clear that each offers unique advantages. 

  • TrailBuddy Walking Poles stand out for their durable aluminium construction, height adjustability, and comfortable cork handles. What sets them apart is their flip-lock mechanism that ensures stability and the variety of vibrant colours they’re available in.
  • COVACURE Walking Poles, on the other hand, are noted for their unique Z-fold design, providing compactness and ease of storage. They also offer excellent durability and support for challenging terrains, making them ideal for ultra-challenge walks.
  • Trekology TREK-Z Walking Poles are also designed with a Z-fold mechanism, providing easy setup and pack-down. Their lightness, robust aluminium construction, and adjustable, comfortable cork handles make them an excellent choice for different types of hikers.
  • Finally, TheFitLife Hiking Poles are known for their advanced shock-absorbing capability and high-grade aluminium build. They also offer extra-long EVA foam handles for comfort and straps for enhanced usability. This makes them perfect for those seeking superior performance and comfort.

In conclusion, while all these poles are budget-friendly and highly functional, choosing the right one would depend on personal preference and specific hiking needs.


Benefits Of Using Trekking Poles On An Ultra-Challenge

Budget Trekking Poles For Hiking

Trekking poles for an ultra-challenge walking event can enhance your performance and comfort:

  1. They help maintain balance and stability, especially on rugged or slippery terrains. Balance is crucial in long-duration events where fatigue might otherwise compromise your steadiness.
  2. Trekking poles distribute the exertion more evenly across your body, lessening the strain on your legs and enabling you to conserve energy.
  3. They can aid in establishing a regular rhythm and pace, fostering a more efficient walking pattern during your ultra challenge.
  4. They can serve as multifunctional tools for testing ground, crossing streams, or setting up a shelter.

Trekking poles invest in safety, endurance, and adaptability in ultra-challenge walking events.

Trekking Poles Technique

Trekking Pole Technique On The Trail

You must know the correct way to use your trekking poles to get the most out of your trekking poles. To begin with, adjust the length of the poles so they are comfortable for you. Next, when walking uphill, move one pole at a time and then switch off as soon as you reach the top. Doing so will help keep your arms moving and reduce fatigue. When walking downhill, extend the poles to their full length and plant them firmly into the ground as you move forward. Finally, remember to keep a steady rhythm throughout your walk, as this will help you conserve energy and stay motivated.

Trekking Poles Ultra Challenge Training Tips

Trekking Pole Training Tips Section

Practising with trekking poles can significantly enhance your comfort and efficiency during your ultra-challenge. Here are some valuable tips:

  1. Start Slowly: Begin with shorter, less strenuous walks to get acclimated to the feel of the poles. Gradually increase the duration and intensity of your walks as you become more comfortable with their use.
  2. Focus on Your Grip: To prevent hand fatigue, your pole hold should be firm yet relaxed. The strap should take most of the weight, not your grip.
  3. Coordinate Your Movements: Your poles should move harmoniously with your steps. When your right foot moves forward, your left pole should do the same, and vice versa. This rhythmic movement can enhance your balance and propulsion.
  4. Adjust Pole Length: Remember to adjust the length of your poles according to the terrain. Shorten the poles when climbing uphill and lengthen them for downhill sections.
  5. Practise Pole Placement: Aim to place your pole so that it lands at the same time as the opposing foot. The pole tip should land just behind your heel.

Remember, patience and regular practice are vital to mastering trekking poles. With time, you can optimise your use of trekking poles in your ultra-challenge and enjoy their benefits. 

Final Thoughts On Budget Trekking Poles

This article delves into the features, advantages and usage techniques of four budget-friendly trekking poles – TrailBuddy Walking Poles, COVACURE Walking Poles, Trekology TREK-Z Walking Poles, and TheFitLife Hiking Poles.

Each product stands out for its unique features, from durable aluminium construction, adjustable height and comfortable handles, advanced shock-absorbing capability, and compactness for easy storage in your backpack. They are designed to support challenging terrains, perfect for ultra-challenge walks ranging from 50-100km. Using these poles in such events can enhance performance by providing balance, distributing exertion, aiding in rhythm, and pushing your body forward on the trail.

It is essential to use correct pole techniques, such as adjusting the pole length and mastering uphill and downhill skills. We recommend regular practice during training walks to get accustomed to using these poles. Ultimately, choosing between four trekking poles will depend on personal preference and specific needs for an ultra-challenge event. Our guide features top models from Leki and Black Diamond for those seeking high-end, specialised trail running poles for ultra-running races.

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