Take and look online, and you’ll find a range of trail running shoes for mud-laden terrain. Many new releases and models will set you back £130 plus, even more, if you go for a GTX version. If you are new to trail running or hate paying over the odds, we have the right guide for you. We have been busy checking out and reviewing the best trail running shoes for mud under £100. Many that’ll we’ll feature in this guide come in way below the £100 threshold—no need to pay too much when there are more budget-friendly options out there.

The prices below are automatically pulled and updated from the retailers – just in case you notice a shoe for over £100. That means they have increased the price. Lower prices might still be available in different sizes, though.

Trail Running Shoes For Mud Under £100

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Top Picks: Trail Shoes For Mud Under £100

Salomon SpeedCross 4

Best Trail Running Shoes For Mud Under £100

We placed the Salomon Speedcross 4 as our top pick. It’s not the latest model, we know. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to save some money on trail running gear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying an older model. The Speedcross 4 offers a fantastic grip that will dig down deep into the slushy ground and keep you secure and sure-footed.

Speedcross is also really well made, durable on the trails, and pretty comfortable to wear. Please note, we have recommended these for routes covered in mud and not as an all-terrain, road-to-trail shoe. If you were the Salomon Speedcross 4 on the road, it would feel uncomfortable, and you’ll quickly wear down those deep, gripping lugs.

We also placed a Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX version in the list, too, just in case you prefer a waterproof option. I tend not to bother running in waterproof shoes; because I know, my feet will get wet anyway.

Inov8 X-Talon and Mudclaw

We ranked the Inov8 X-Talon and Mudclaw trail running shoes pretty highly in this list too. Inov8 trail shoes are great for grip on soft, uneven terrains. The two models I found are available at a reasonable price for Inov8 – they are usually a lot more expensive. Just be aware that Inov8 are a little tight-fitting – for me anyway. If you have wider feet, make sure to select the wider shoe option.

Running Shoes For Mud - What Else To Consider

When it comes to the best trail running shoes for mud, the grip is critical on trail shoes and the most important feature to look at when reviewing trail running shoes for muddy trails. It would be best if you had a shoe that can almost stick to the ground, giving you complete confidence to tackle those muddy trails.

However, there are other vital elements that also a shoe before well on muddy trails and paths. Each element’s importance will vary depending on what sort of courses you will be challenging; it’s essential to look at durability, cushioning, and fit. Neglecting any of these could make all the difference between the best trail running shoes for mud and an average one.

Remember, this article’s theme was the best men’s trail running shoes for mud under £100, and we are not claiming these shoes are the best of the best. If you want more options, take a look at the Salomon Madcross and Salomon Wildcross 2, which will be available in 2021.

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