Exercising at work is becoming increasingly popular as people strive to find ways to stay active and healthy. One way to do this is by using a mini stepper, which offers an effective full-body workout in the comfort of your office or cubicle. Many models are available today, so choosing the best one for your needs can take time and effort. We’ve compiled a guide on some of the best mini steppers available to make things easier.

Table of Contents: Best Mini Stepper Guide

Best Mini Steppers: Our Top Picks

We’ve rounded up the best mini steppers on the market so that you can find the one that meets your needs. There are different types of mini steppers – from budget options to high-end models – so that you can determine which one would be best suited for your fitness goals.

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper

The Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper is an excellent option for those looking to improve their lower body strength at home. This lightweight and compact piece of equipment offers users a low-impact exercise that targets major muscle groups in their legs and glutes. The unique no-slip foot pedals also ensure a stable footing while exercising, making it safer and more enjoyable for everyone using it. It also has built-in resistance bands for an added challenge during your workout. Read our Nordic Lifting mini stepper review for an in-depth look and analysis of all the key features and how you can use it for a full body workout.

UltraSport Swing Stepper

The UltraSport Swing Stepper is our top pick for  basic model and one of the best mini steppers on the market. It does not come with arm exercise bands. However, this is the best option out there in terms of build quality and durability. It has a little screen showing you training data such as time, calories and steps. This allows you to track your progress over time and compare previous data you’ve written down.

PROIRON Stepper with Resistance Bands

If you have more money to spend, we suggest going for the PROIRON. It has a stepper made of 1.8mm steel construction, which is sturdy and durable. The stepper exercise machine has a maximum capacity of 120 kg. Additionally, it comes with arm exercise bands to effectively target multiple muscle groups at once. As a bonus, it has noise-reduction pads and adjustable anti-slip PVC Feet for added safety. You’ll be able to burn calories, lose weight and build muscle, perfect for all your health and fitness goals. Looking for more information on this product? Then take a look at our comprehensive Proiron mini stepper review where we take a deeper look at what this stepper machine has to offer

Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper

The Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper is the best budget option. It has a smooth hydraulic drive system and a resistance band. The stepper’s twisting motion gives you a deeper feel with each step. Additionally, it comes with built-in sensors that track your steps and calories burned during each session. If you’re on a tight budget, this cool mini-stepper is perfect. Alternatively, if you like the looks of this brand, you can check out their updated model – which is more expensive.

New Image FITT Cube

Our final pick is the New Image FITT Cube. This mini stepper machine has everything you need for a cardio and strength workout. In other words, it’s not just a stepper! You can step, jump, twist and grip for a full-body workout. In fact, the company states that you can complete 100 fun, dynamic and effective exercises to target every muscle in your body. I’m not 100% sold on the build quality, especially if you are a larger person – definitely worth looking at though.

Lions Mini Stepper Exercise Machine

This affordable and budget-friendly piece of equipment is designed to help you build strength and increase endurance while taking up minimal space. Constructed with a durable steel frame, this mini stepper features adjustable tension levels that can be tailored to your needs. The dual-direction action also helps you get a full range of motion as you train.

Mini Stepper Machine Pros & Cons


  • Low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints.
  • Some have adjustable resistance levels for an effective workout as you progress.
  • Targets multiple muscle groups at once and muscles you might not use doing everyday tasks.
  • Relatively small and portable so that it can fit in most homes even if you are limited in space.
  • Affordable bit of home gym equipment compared to running machines or exercise bikes.


  • Not suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Can be noisy with budget options.
  • Limited range of motion compared to larger machines.

Thanks for taking the time to read our top picks. In the next section, we’ll look more into mini steppers in general, key benefits, key features and how they can help you stay fit and healthy.

What Are Mini Steppers

Mini steppers are a great way to get in shape at home. This small, lightweight exercise machine takes up minimal space and can be used to perform low-impact cardiovascular workouts. The mini stepper’s motion is similar to walking or running on stairs, which helps tone your legs, glutes, and core muscles while getting your heart rate up. Mini steppers come with adjustable resistance levels for an even more challenging workout.

Why Buy A Mini Stepper?

Investing in the best mini steppers gives you maximum value for your money. These machines target different areas of your body and have adjustable resistance settings to customise your workout for the best results.

Can Mini Steppers Replicate Hiking & Walking

Mini steppers can, to some degree, provide a similar workout to walking or hiking outdoors. Models with adjustable resistance settings allow you to control the intensity of your workout, so it is possible to mimic the feel of an outdoor trail with a mini stepper. Plus, many models come equipped with digital displays that track your progress and calories burned, which makes it easy to stay motivated.

Use A Mini Stepper For Cross-Training On Rest Days

Rest Day Exercise With A Mini Stepper

Mini steppers are a great way to cross-train on rest days. Mixing up your exercise routine allows you to challenge different muscle groups and keep your body guessing. This helps to prevent stagnation and keep your workouts interesting. Plus, since mini steppers don’t require any other equipment, they are an easy addition to any home gym.

When I had my hairdressing business, I had a mini stepper in the back of the salon. I would jump on and do low-impact exercises when I had a spare 10-20 minutes. I have one at home too. I don’t use it all the time, but It’s good to use it now and then. I pop it in front of my TV and get an easy workout while watching a film or tv program on Netflix.

What Is A Mini Steppers With Arm Bands?

Mini steppers with armbands are an excellent choice for those seeking an even more intense workout. Some of these machines come with adjustable resistance settings and have resistance bands that move in sync with the foot pedals, allowing you to work your arms and legs. This mini stepper will enable you to benefit from every session while toning other body areas. The arm bands are optional; if it is not something you want to use, most models will allow you to unclip them and use the stepper without them.

Can A Mini Stepper Improve Fitness?

Yes, mini steppers can improve your fitness level. This type of exercise machine gives you an effective workout in a short amount of time, and it’s low-impact, so it won’t put too much strain on your joints. Additionally, because the resistance levels are adjustable, you can customise your workout to meet your goals. Whether you want to increase endurance or tone up, investing in the best mini stepper will help you get there!

Investing in a good quality mini stepper is a great way to get active at home and reach your fitness goals. With features such as adjustable resistance settings and armbands for an even more intense workout, these machines make it easy to exercise anytime. So, if you’re looking for an accessible way to get fit, the best mini stepper might be just what you need!

Which Muscle Groups Do They Target & How?

Full Body Workout - Woman

Mini steppers are a great way to work out your lower body. You’re targeting the muscles in your legs, glutes, and core when stepping up and down. Opting for a mini stepper with armbands will also help tone the muscles in your arms. The list of muscles worked includes the following;

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Abdominals
  • Lower back
  • Obliques
  • Glutes
  • Core
  • Arms (if using a stepper with arm bands)

Can You Lose Weight With A Mini Stepper Machine?

Lose Weight And Tone Body

Yes! You can lose weight if you use one of the best mini steppers and stay consistent with a workout routine. Incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle is critical to burning calories and helping you reach your goals. Mini steppers are compact and take up little room in your house, so there is no excuse not to exercise, even if the weather is terrible outside.

How Many Calories Per Hour Can You Burn On A Mini Stepper?

The number of calories you burn on a mini stepper depends on many factors, including weight, resistance levels, and speed. However, it’s estimated that you can burn up to 500 calories per hour depending on how hard you work out.

Final Thoughts On Mini Steppers

Mini steppers are an excellent choice for those looking to get in shape without wasting too much space or money. They offer versatile workouts with adjustable resistance settings and can help tone different muscles while giving users a great cardiovascular workout. Investing in one of the best mini steppers on the market will provide you with maximum value for your money, allowing you to reach your fitness goals without breaking the bank.

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