There are a few different ways to treat shin splints, but one of the most effective is to use special socks that help to reduce inflammation and pain. These socks work by providing targeted compression to the affected area, which helps to speed up the healing process. There are many different brands of running socks for shin splints, so choosing one that will work best for you is crucial. This guide will show you some of the best running socks for shin splints currently available and explain how they can help you relieve this painful condition.

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Compression Running Socks For Shin Splints

Danish Endurance Compression Running Socks

The Danish Endurance compression running socks are one of the best options on the market for those suffering from shin splints. These socks provide graduated compression grade of 21-26mmHg, which means they are tighter at the bottom and gradually loosen as they go up (note that they are still tight-fitting). The targeted support to the shin area helps reduce pain and inflammation. Danish Endurance is one of my favourite brands, and I own a load of their socks – read our Danish Endurance Compression Socks review for more information.

Physix Compression Running Socks

The Physix compression running socks are another great option for those with shin splints with a compression rating of 20-30 mmhg. These socks also provide graduated compression and have a similar design to the Danish Endurance socks above. They are made from a moisture-wicking material, which helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable during exercise. The socks also have anti-blister properties, which is a nice bonus. Read our separate Physix compression socks review for more information.

Rymora Compression Running Socks

The Rymora graduated compression socks have a graded compression using 15-20 mm Hg pressure. Compression helps to provide optimal support and reduce pain in the shin area. The material is comfortable and breathable, which is excellent for long runs. They also have a cushioned footbed, which helps to prevent blisters. Rymora are a more affordable pair of socks and can be used for various sports or everyday use.

2XU Compression Running Socks

2XU are a well-known brand in the compression world, and their compression running socks are some of the best on the market. These socks provide graduated compression and have a comfortable fit that doesn’t slip down during exercise. They are made from a moisture-wicking material, which helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 2XU also produce a range of other compression gear, so if you’re looking for more than just socks, they are worth checking out here.

Running Socks For Shin Splints Pros & Cons

Below are the pros and cons of using compression socks for this condition.


  • Can help to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Can speed up the healing process.
  • Provide targeted support to the shin area.
  • Aid with muscle recovery after training.
  • Can be used for other conditions, such as Achilles tendonitis too.


  • Some people may find them uncomfortable (they are meant to be tight).

How Do Compression Running Socks For Shin Splints Help?

Compression socks provide targeted compression to the affected area, which helps reduce inflammation and pain. The compression helps to reduce swelling in the area, which speeds up the healing process. Additionally, compression socks help to support the muscles and tendons around the shin, which can help to prevent further injury.

What is a compression rating on socks? The compression rating on a pair of socks tells you how much pressure the sock applies to your leg. Most compression running socks for shin splints range from 10 to 20 mmHg, with the higher numbers providing more compression. It’s essential to choose a sock with the right amount of compression, but they also have to be comfortable to run in.

Final Thoughts On Running Socks For Shin Splints

If you’re suffering from shin splints, using a pair of compression socks can help reduce pain and inflammation. In this guide, we’ve shown you some of the best running socks for shin splints that are currently available. All the socks on our list provide graduated compression and a comfortable fit. So, if you’re looking for a pair of socks to help you with your shin splints, then one of these options is sure to be a good choice.

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin Splints In Runners Diagram

Shin splints refer to pain in the lower leg caused by inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around the shin. This condition is often seen in runners and can be debilitating if not treated properly. Shin splints typically occur when there is too much stress on the lower leg, which can be caused by overtraining, improper footwear, or running on hard surfaces. If you suspect that you have shin splints, it’s essential to see a doctor so that they can confirm the diagnosis and rule out other potential causes of your pain.

What Does Shin Splints Pain Feel Like?

The pain associated with shin splints is usually dull and achy and is felt along the length of the shin bone. The pain may worsen with activity, making it difficult to walk or even stand. You may also notice swelling or tenderness in the affected area.

Shin Splints Treatment

If you’re suffering from shin splints and looking for a remedy, it’s time to get creative. While traditional treatments might include rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE), you can try other clever remedies!

You might want to try cold therapy (the Ice stage of the RICE) after exercise to reduce inflammation and swelling. The easiest way to do this is by investing in an ice pack for shin splints because these devices have been specially designed to fit around the legs and relieve pain comfortably. To get further relief, you can use a cold compress or even an ice bath for a more intense effect.

Stretching your calf muscles regularly is key for treating shin splints – look into specific exercises like heel drops or calf raises that target the affected area using a slant board. Massage therapy can help reduce inflammation in the affected muscle groups too. If you cannot get to a physiotherapist, invest in a percussion therapy massage gun to work those tight muscles from home! You can even purchase orthotics such as Superfeet Run to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption in your shoes.



Can I Run With Shin Splints?

Running socks for shin splints pain

If you have shin splints, then you may be wondering if it’s still possible to run. The answer to this question depends on the severity of your condition. If the pain is mild and only occurs during or after running, you may be able to continue running with shin splints. However, if the pain is severe or prevents you from running, it’s best to take a break from running until the condition has resolved. Your doctor can give you more specific advice on whether or not you should continue running with shin splints.

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