The use of trail running poles in ultramarathons has become more popular. Entrants often use Ultrarunning poles or general hiking poles at ultra-event, which involves a decent degree of ascent and descent. Improvements in materials and construction have helped to make poles lighter and easier to carry and stow. Poles can help run propulsion and stability. Poles also help to disperse your body weight when running uphill and downhill.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best trail running poles for ultra events. We’ll include specialised running poles and general hiking poles we consider suitable for ultra events. After all, not everyone taking part in ultra events will be running the whole race. Many ultra competitors will spend more time hiking than running – especially if it is their first event.

Best Trail Running Poles Guide: Table of Contents

Specialised Trail Running Poles

In this section of our guide, we’ll focus on specialised running poles. These poles tend to lighter, more compact and quicker to adjust, collapse and pack away into your ultra running vest. If you need a pair of running poles as backup or a specific section of an ultra event, then the weight will be an essential factor. Carrying extra weight over 100K or more is wasted energy and effort. Similarly, you won’t want to be wasting time unpacking the pole and adjusting the length – so speed and use of adjustability are critical.

Leki Ultratrail FX One Poles

Leki Micro Trail Vario

The Leki Micro Trail Vario is made from 100% carbon and is the perfect pole for ultra runners taking on mountainous long-distance. A Speed Lock 2 system will allow you to adjust the length of the pole from between 110 and 130 cm. Pole adjustability is crucial when you need to adjust the length of the pole to changes in elevation (longer for downhill, shorter for uphill).

Not as light or packable as the Leki Micro Trail Race (see below). However, when folded down, the pole has an impressive, packed size of 42 cm and weighs just 202 grams (Per Pole). The CLD Core Locking Device mechanism makes folding the pole together as easy as using a pen. Ideal for runners who need to have the ability to adjust the height of the pole on the fly. With the Leki Micro Trail Vario, you get adjustability without compromising on weight and packability.

Leki Micro Trail Race

Invented especially for the needs of competitive runners, the Leki Micro Trail Race is the ultimate fix-length folding pole. The Micro Trail Race weighs in at just 175 grams and sits securely in the runner’s hand thanks to the new, wide Shark Frame Strap Mesh, natural cork grip, and Trigger Shark 2.0 System. You can fold down the pole to a compact 37 cm in the blink of an eye with the Push Button system. The new, light, and alignment-free poles tips have a secure grip on a variety of terrains. This pole perfect for quick trail runners where a series of small time-savers can make a difference.

General Hiking Poles For Ultra Events

While there are specialist trail running poles like the two we have listed above, other options are available. The majority of poles on the market are for hikers and walkers. With improvements to modern technology and design, hiking poles are becoming lighter and more packable – especially with many hikers adopting an ultralightweight approach.

The table below shows our top hiking pole picks that are perfect for ultramarathon events. Remember, for many ultra eventers, especially first-timers, more time will be spent hiking and walking, so buying a specialised running pole is less critical.

High End Hiking Poles For Ultra Event

Good Quality Hiking Poles On A Budget

Best Hiking Poles For Ultramarathon Events On A Budget

Ultramarathon participation does not need to break the bank, especially if you are doing it as a one-off for charity or as a new life experience. If you plan on walking/hiking your ultra (no easy task), an affordable and reliable set of poles is the best option. The table below features top hiking poles on a budget.

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