Have you just signed up for a 50K ultramarathon event? If so, you’re probably thinking about footwear and the best trail running shoes for 50K. At Trail Running Shoes, we’re here to help; we’ve researched the shoes for you and have come up with a great selection of running shoes that’ll help you get the job done on a 50K course.

Ultimately, the trail shoe you go for will often depend on your body, running style, and the terrain you’ll be facing in the 50K event. I prefer a well-balanced trail shoe that offers good grip, cushion, comfortable, reasonably lightweight and work well on varied terrain.

Unfortunately, there is no magic trail show, which is a 10/10 in every department -it’s just not possible. The best trail running shoes for muddy terrain will be horrible to run in on flatter, hard-packed terrain. Conversely, shoes built for speed on light terrain just won’t cut it if you’re running in deep muddy sections.

Trail Running Shoes For 50k Ultramarathon Races

Considerations When Buying A Trail Running Shoes For 50K

Weather Conditions: Will be the weather be dry or wet. This will be a key factor when selecting trail running shoes for 50k ultra race events.

Terrain: Are you mostly be running on a light trail, muddy field, rocky hills and mountains, canal paths or a mix of all.

Your Personal Preferences: For example, if you enjoy a well-cushioned shoe, stick to this feature. You don’t want to start running in something alien to your foot and body. The same equally true true for ankle support, arch support etc.

Compare Trail Running Shoes For 50K Ultra Events

Salomon Sense Ride 4

A real solid all-around trail running shoe will help you get the job done over a 50K Ultra event. The Sense Ride 5 has no real flaws or weak spots on the design as well as with the performance.

You’ll be able to tackle diverse terrain with confidence with a comfortable, securely fitting shoe that can react to changes on the trail. This is our top pick of trail running shoes for 50K ultramarathons. Just remember, every course is unique, and so is every runner. So, please take a look at our other picks too.

The only area I see the Salomon Sense Ride 4 struggling will be on the super-muddy ground. Therefor, this shoes suitability will depend on the degree of mud during your race. Most likely not an issue at all for Spring and Summer Ultra running events.

Sense Ride 4 PROS & CONS

  • A fantastic all round road-to-trail shoe
  • Decent chusioning as well as a secure fit
  • Lightweight and comfortable so your feet won’t feet fatigued in the later stages
  • Offers enough response on hard surfaces if you need to stepup the pace
  • None without being picky. I could say grip on very muddy courses, however of its just a few sections these will be fine.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6

The Nike Terra Kiger 6 is a very high-performance trail racing shoe for running on varied yet lighter terrain, making it a versatile shoe. The Terra Kiger 6 feels highly responsive,  therefore you’ll feel more connected to the trails underfoot due to the low drop and shallower/less cushioned midsole.

If your Ultra event is known as a fast course, then the Kiger 6 will be a great shoe choice. We would recommend this shoe for Big Bear Events looped course races, where the terrain will be repetitive and well-groomed.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6 PROS & CONS

  • High level of comfort
  • Reactive to harder terrain
  • Lightweight and snug fitting
  • A great choice for 50K Ultra events on a fast course.
  • Might struggle on anything over 50K

Inov8 Terraultra G 270

The Inov8 TerraUltra G 270 are one of our favourite zero drop shoes and have enough spongey foam cushioning to protect you and keep you moving along over long distances. Provided your body can handle longer distances in zero drop shoes. If you are new to Zero drop trail running shoes, make sure you get used to them on your longer training runs. Don’t jump straight into a 50K Ultra with Zero Drop unless your legs have done the miles in them.

TerraUltra G 270 features amazingly tough G-grip graphene rubber built to last and are also light and comfortable. They have a broader and rounded toe box, promoting better foot function and good posture along with zero heels to forefoot drop. We have recommended them for 50K races. However, they will be suitable for more longer ultramarathon events too. 


Inov8 Terraultra G 270 PROS & CONS

  • Much more well-rounded than more bespoke Inov8 shoes
  • Will adapt to various changes underfoot
  • Lightweight and comfort will prevent foot fatigue in the later stages of your event.
  • Features Inov8’s renowned Graphene grip on the outsole.
  • Great for longer distances as well as 50K distances.
  • Fairly expensive

If you have already signed up for your 50K event, remember to study the course and terrain to know what to expect on race day. If you are new to Ultra events, you might want to check out our Selecting Your First Ultramarathon Race.

Moreover, you might also want to start thinking about the rest of your running kit and how you’re going to carry it one race day. If you need some advice, pop on over to our Best Running Vests & Packs guide for some advice.

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