Soft cups are an essential item for many ultra-running events. They provide the hydration to keep you going during long, intense races. Collapsable soft cups are lightweight and easy to carry in your ultra running pack, making them an excellent choice for race day. In this guide, we’ll look at these cups more deeply and then show you the best soft cups for ultra-marathon races. Soft cups are also called speed cups. In this guide, we’ll use both terms.

Table of Contents: Collapsable Speed Cups

Collapsable Soft Cups & Speed Cups For Ultra Racing

In this section, we’ll look at the top picks for soft cups & speed cups for ultra-racing. These drinking vessels are inexpensive, but which one is worth buying? Find out here which one to choose for your next or first ultra-running event.

Hydrapak Speedcups

Montane Speedcup 200ml

Aonijie Collapsable Soft Cups 200ml

Inov8 Speed Cup 200ml

ddLUCK Silicone Foldable Cup

Collapsable Soft Cups Info

Now that we’ve shown you our top picks, we’ll offer you more information on soft and speed cups. We’ll look at the key feature and benefits, why you need them and why they are ideal for environmentally conscious trail runners and race organisers.

Features Of Collapsable Soft Cups & Speed Cups

Lightweight: Collapsible soft cups are made from lightweight materials, making them easy to carry and store when not in use.

Durable: The material is designed to withstand the wear and tear of intense running activities.

Versatile: These types of cups can be used for various drinks, including energy & electrolyte drinks and more.

Collapsable: The design allows for easy storage and transportation, making it easier to take with you on the go.

Environmentally Friendly: Soft cups are reusable, which makes them the perfect choice for eco-conscious runners.

These Soft Cups Are Perfect For Ultra Running Events

There are a few things to consider when finding the best soft cup for ultra-running events. Look for something lightweight, durable and easy to carry. We recommend these reusable soft cups with a unique design that allows them to quickly collapse and fit into your pocket, running belt or hydration running pack. For ultra-running events that still use plastic cups, soft cups are a great alternative to reduce waste and help you stay hydrated on the go. With all these features combined, soft cups are one of the best items to have in your running arsenal!

Many Ultramarathon Events Are Now Cupless

Ultra Running Event Start Line

As more ultramarathon events move away from using plastic cups, so soft cups are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they better for the environment (no waste!), but they also make it easier to drink on the go without worrying about carrying a lot of heavy containers. Because many ultra-running events are now cupless, you must bring your reusable running soft cup. That’s why having a trusty collapsable speed cup for hydration at an aid station is so important.

Examples Of Cupless Trail & Ultra Running Races

  • The Montane Lakeland Ultra 50: This UK race is a 50-mile ultra marathon that challenges runners with a scenic course.
  • The Mourne Skyline: This is an iconic 14-mile race in Northern Ireland.
  • Essex 100-mile race: This flat course takes runners along the Essex countryside.
  • The Big Dog Backyard Ultra: This is a unique endurance race with competitors running around a 4-mile loop for as long as possible.

Final Thoughts On Soft Cups/Speed Cups

Soft cups are one of the best items to have on hand for ultra-running events. Lightweight, durable and easy to carry, these collapsible speed cups provide the hydration you need while being eco-friendly. The unique design allows them to quickly collapse and fit in your pocket or running belt, making them perfect for quick use during an aid station stop. With all these features combined, soft cups are a must-have item for any runner who wants to stay hydrated on the go!

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