The DexShell Ultralite waterproof socks are perfect for all outdoor activities in all weather conditions. Available in a limited range of colours, these waterproof yet breathable socks offer comfort as well as protection, whether you’re walking, cycling, or running. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Dexshell Ultralite design, pros and cons, who they are suited for and more.

DexShell Ultralite: Table of Contents

DexShell Ultralite Waterproof Socks

DexShell Ultralite Sock Design

Overall these Dexshell socks are very well made. Dexsheel uses a Porelle waterproof membrane to keep water from getting inside but also allow sweat to evaporate out.

Dexshell socks are patented four-way stretch lamination technology that ensures they are windproof, waterproof, and durable and lightweight. They are also available in 2 high visibility accent options, so they keep you visible to others whether you are running, cycling or walking.

Please be aware that not all sweat will escape, and feet do sweat, especially when you are taking part in outdoor sports/activities. If your feet do feel moist when wearing any waterproof socks, it might not be a sock fault; it could just be your feet sweating. Obviously, if your feet feel drenched, then that’s not sweating.

These socks also feature a 100% cotton liner which will aid cotton and ensure your feet stay comfortable and protected. Constructed is finished off using a seamless knitting technique which will also aid comfort and prevent heat spots from forming.

DexShell Waterproof Running Socks Pros

  • As the name suggests, the Dexshell Ultralite model is lightweight and perfect for wearing with a range of footwear.
  • Fully waterproof and windproof
  • Less expensive than comparable brands offering waterproof socks
  • It can be used for a range of outdoor activities, such as road running, trail running, cycling, walking and hiking.
  • The high scores/ratings from verified owners of the socks.

DexShell Waterproof Running Socks Cons

  • Limited colour range.
  • Some runners may prefer a higher length sock that covers the calves and reaches just below the knees. Take a look at our waterproof running socks guide for more options.

Who Are DexShell?

DexShell specialises in outdoor apparel accessories such as socks, hats, and gloves. Every product is designed specifically for those wanting element repellent gear that will work in the most extreme outdoor conditions. Embracing the outdoor elements is often part of the fun with outdoor adventure; however, minimising the negative effects of these conditions can enhance enjoyment and improve performance.

Consistent technological and product innovations are behind the success of DexShell’s waterproof yet breathable socks, gloves, and hats. Since its creation, this desire and passion for innovation have inspired the brand’s product development and manufacturing abilities. Constant research ensures that DexShell source the highest spec materials with the best suppliers across the globe.

All of the above means that the company’s manufacturing system results in products that are more durable, comfortable, and reliable than its competitors. DexShell products are kind to your body and the environment – made to last and won’t need to be replaced like many disposable fashion items or cheaper “running socks.”

DexShell places itself at the fore of innovations in the outdoor clothing industry. They are not a big name brand, but they are big on ideas and have gathered a decent following based on user reviews and feedback.

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