The Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX is marketed as a running shoe that seamlessly combines road and trail capabilities. However, I believe it is a versatile option that suits the diverse surfaces I encounter daily. Although the tread and lugs may not be the most aggressive, I would still classify it primarily as a trail shoe rather than one for the road. In this review, we’ll delve into the features and performance of this shoe to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your running needs.

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Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX

Upper Design & GTX Materials

The Hoka Challenger 7 GTX Trail Running Shoes feature GORE-TEX Invisible Fit, incorporating recycled materials for weatherproof protection and eco-conscious manufacturing. The uppers are constructed with engineered mesh for optimal breathability. A snug and comfortable heel cap provides a soft and secure fit. The lacing system ensures a personalized fit. The flat-lying tongue sits comfortably on the ankle, preventing irritation and chafing. With an extended heel pull, these shoes offer easy entry and convenience.

Comfort & Fit

After a strenuous day of running, it is crucial to alleviate the tension in your legs by stretching them the following day. Although this can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful, we discovered that trotting along in this shoe offers a comfortable and invigorating experience—it almost feels like the shoe runs for you.

Compared to other Hoka models, this shoe possesses a more structured design. The supportive insole and upper midsole contribute to its overall comfort. Furthermore, the substantial heel rocker reduces heel striking, allowing for a smoother transition into takeoff. These features prove invaluable when your feet and legs are fatigued, as fatigue often leads to a rapid deterioration in form on longer runs.

Cushion-to-Weight Ratio and Midsole Performance

The Challenger 7 continues to offer an impressive cushion-to-weight ratio. The lightweight, compression-moulded EVA midsole delivers continuous comfort with a plush underfoot feel, making each stride feel more comfortable than the last. The compression-moulded EVA efficiently absorbs impact forces and ensures a stable landing, allowing longer, more comfortable runs. This feature significantly reduces the wear and tear on your joints. Even though the Challenger 7 is lighter than its predecessor, it boasts an increased stack height to provide even more cushioning. This fine balance of weight reduction and increased cushioning underscores the shoe’s clever design and focus on providing the ultimate comfort to the runner.

Outsole Grip On Various Terrains

With its 4mm lugs, the Challenger 7 offers great traction in suitable areas. However, if you venture into more technical terrain, you might find yourself wishing for more multi-directional lugs. The increased stack height doesn’t help when tackling trickier spots, as your foot is further from the ground. This shoe excels on moderate terrain like roads or well-groomed tracks, providing the traction you need. It feels smooth and responsive for quick turnover and performs well when running with power. Remember that the Challenger 7 is best suited for dry and smooth ground, so it’s not ideal for wet and/or technical terrain.

Hoka Challenger ATR 7 Running Performance

I am thoroughly impressed by the ride and versatility of the 7 GTX. These shoes offer a smooth, quick, and energetic experience, while providing remarkable cushioning. On the road, they perform exceptionally well, allowing you to maintain a quick training pace or even indulge in some up-tempo bursts for speed work.

However, the true brilliance of the 7 GTX shines through when you take them on smoother trails. Regardless of the pace, they feel incredibly lively and perfectly at home. While they may not be designed for technical terrain, they still hold their ground quite admirably, offering improved stability and security compared to previous versions.

Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX Pros & Cons


  • Versatility: The Challenger 7 GTX is a versatile shoe that suits a variety of surfaces. Whether I’m running on roads or well-groomed trails, these shoes offer a smooth and energetic experience. The balanced cushion-to-weight ratio aids comfort, while the compression-moulded EVA midsole provides a stable and plush underfoot feel.
  • Comfort & Fit: These shoes stand out for their comfortable fit. They feature a snug heel cap along with a lacing system that ensures a personalized fit. The flat-lying tongue and the extended heel pull further enhance the comfort and convenience of wearing these shoes. After a long run, I find my feet and legs less fatigued, which I attribute to its substantial heel rocker and supportive insole.
  • GTX Materials: The GORE-TEX Invisible Fit technology used in the construction of these shoes delivers weatherproof protection, while incorporating recycled materials for a more eco-conscious approach.


  • Limited Performance on Wet/Technical Terrains: Despite its many positives, the Challenger 7 GTX performs poorly on wet and/or technical terrains. The increased stack height poses some stability issues, as your foot is further from the ground. On a few occasions, I found the shoe slipping a bit on wet surfaces. Thus, it is less suitable for such conditions.

Who Would Like The Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX?

The Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX is an ideal choice for a variety of runners, suiting their unique needs and preferences:

  1. Distance Runners: If you’re a long-distance runner, your primary concern is comfort and sustainment for the long haul. The Hoka Challenger 7 GTX, with its impressive cushion-to-weight ratio and substantial heel rocker, provides continuous comfort and reduces fatigue. This shoe aids in maintaining a steady pace, even when you’re well into the miles.
  2. Casual and Fitness Runners: The Hoka Challenger 7 GTX could be your best bet. Its comfort, fit, and moderate terrain performance make it an excellent choice for everyday use.
  3. Road To Trail Runners: This shoe performs exceptionally well on roads and well-groomed trails, offering a smooth, energetic experience.

However, it’s worth noting that the Hoka Challenger 7 GTX may not be ideal for runners who primarily traverse wet and/or technical terrains due to its limited performance in such conditions.

My Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX Final Thoughts

The Hoka Challenger ATR 7 GTX is a truly versatile shoe that caters well to distance runners, casual runners, and those who switch between road and trail. The remarkable cushion-to-weight ratio, coupled with the comfortable, supportive insole, eases long runs and reduces fatigue. The Challenger 7 GTX stands out for its fit, offering a snug heel cap, a personalised lacing system, and a conveniently extended heel pull.

The use of GORE-TEX Invisible Fit technology incorporates weatherproof protection and eco-conscious design. However, the shoe underperforms on wet or technical terrains. Its increased stack height can lead to stability issues, and it may slip on wet surfaces. Thus, the Hoka Challenger 7 GTX is best suited for dry or moderately challenging terrains. Despite this limitation, this shoe’s overall comfort, fit, and performance, along with its eco-conscious approach, make it a worthwhile choice for most runners. Looking for more running shoes ideas? Then jump on over to our running shoe reviews section for a range of other options and brands.

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