Here we have a new Inov8 shoe that combines their renowned grip with a new midsole technology, which is more stacked at the heel. In this guide, we’ll look at what the Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max offers in terms of technology and design features.

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Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max

INOV-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max Review

Graphene Foam Cushion Midsole - G-FLY

The big news with the Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max is, without a doubt, the midsole. Inov8 has decided to make a genuinely maximal cushioned, rocker shoe; most of their shoes are zero-drop, the TrailFly has a 6mm drop. To look at it without seeing the logo, you might think it was a Hoka shoe. The news does not end there, though. Invo8 have integrated Graphene into the midsole of Firefly too.

The G-FLY foam cushioning is plush and offers some bounce, which I like. It’s the best cushion yet from Inov8 and makes transitioning from road to trail easy. There is also added depth in the midsole cushion, so you’ll feel like you also have some extra protection under your foot. I’ve used them on a couple of gravel based trail paths and the comfort level holds up well.

This foam uses a proprietary blend of Graphene, Thermo PolyUrethane (TPU), and EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). Each offers exceptional elasticity, which keeps the foam bouncing back into place. Lab research on the midsole showed that the new graphene-enhanced midsoles give a 25% more energy return. As with the outers, the Graphene also adds strength and durability to the shoe.

Grip & Traction On The Firefly G 300 Max

Inov8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max Grip And Flex Adaptor

Graphene Grip rubber on the outsole is fantastic, which is what Inov8 has become renowned for offering in their running shoes. The lugs on the shoe are deep and aggressive that will give you a truly grippy ride in the new TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max shoe. You can expect to get that traditional Inov8 grip all year round, no matter what weather you encounter on your runs.


Another prominent and noticeable feature on the TrailFly is the 10mm deep V-shaped midfoot flex groove called the Adapter-Flex. The Adapter-Flex runs through the midsole and outsole to allow the shoe to flex, react, and mould to uneven terrains on the trail. It aligns with the oblique midtarsal joint axis and allows the forefoot to turn inwards or outwards without influencing the heel’s same motions.

The Flex feature is very interesting, because trail running shoes are normally pretty stiff and lack flexibility. Having this new feature should offer running the flexibility where needed, without compromising support. I would describe it as adding a bit of a spring to your foot turn over.

Fit & Comfort Of The Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300

Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max Upper

Straight out of the box, the TrailFly with feel comfortable, and your feel will feel well locked into the shoe.

The Inov-8 TrailFly Ultra G 300 Max offers a wider toe box – a level 5 on the Inov-8 1-5 scale. I don’t wide this too wide, I do have fairly wide feet though. Your feet will feel sunken into the midsole, and it comes with a guide rail around the foot for added support. I went for a UK size 10.5 and it feels great on shorter runs. However, on a 25k run, where my feet started to swell after 20K I think these were a little bit too tight. I am planning on buying a second pair, so I will be going for a UK size 11 and use the new pair for long runs.

On the approach roads to trails, the Inov-8 TrailFly runs like a dream due to the midsole’s added padding. This extra padding is a great feature for runners who need to tackle a significant road section to get to their trail route.

There is not a lot of padding in the upper around the heel and tongue of the shoe. The tongue is attached to the internal walls of the upper. More padding around the heel cup and collar would have been better to make it more comfortable over a long distance. It comes with a boomerang insole in the footbed, making the shoe feel plush and comfortable.

Support & Protection

Inov8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max Heel Drop

There’s no heel counter on the Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 Max. However, the midsole does rise a little on the heel for an additional sense of stability. The real test of the TrailFly will be running technical trials. However, I think the shoe will deliver a softer ride without sacrificing support. As you would expect, it comes with a rounded toe bumper around the edge of the tow box for additional trail protection.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Trailfly G 300 looks like a great shoe by Inov-8, which should be better suited to longer distances on varied terrain. The introduction of plush cushioning and a rocker design will appeal to a great range of runner who may have been put off by Zero-Drop footwear.

I have reservations about the price though, at £170, it is costly and will probably prevent many people from giving it a try. However, I can’t deny the quality and performance of the Trailfly, and the more I run in it, the more I like it. I do plan on buying a second pair in a slightly bigger size. I will probably use Inov-8 Trailfly Ultra for a 100k event I have in July.

If you want to take a look at something more affordable (are any shoes affordable these days?), head over to our Asics Trabuco Max Review – which also offers plush comfort yet is more inclusively priced at £125.

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