Are you looking for a comfortable walking shoe that offers superior support, cushioning and the ability to walk faster? If so, the Keen WK400 Walking Shoe may be just what you need. This innovative shoe is designed with Keen.Curve Technology provides forward momentum while reducing fatigue and strain on the feet. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this popular walking shoe to help you decide if it’s right for your needs.

Table of Contents: Keen WK400 Review

Keen WK400 Walking Shoe Review

The Keen WK400 walking shoe is what Keen has billed as a revolutionary shoe designed to make walking more enjoyable. Its key feature is the Keen.Curve design in the midsole is designed to provide a forward-propelling motion. Offers an outsole with 4mm diamond and rectangular-shaped lugs for excellent grip on multiple surfaces. The Keen WK400 walking shoe is lightweight, and the upper is made from sturdy-feeling fabric, with extra reinforcement at the toe and heel area in plastic overlays. The whole uppers have small perforations for ventilation, with larger perforations at the forefoot, sides and heel. We’ll now dig a bit deep by looking at each of the key features of the Keen WK400.

Keen.Curve Technology Midsole

Keen.Curve Technology combines constant curvature that helps create a more contoured fit, leading to more natural movement and walking mechanics, underfoot plate technology, and a high-energy midsole. The result creates a fantastic feeling of forward momentum that makes walking feel like rolling. A generous 30mm toe spring gives an exceptionally smooth and easy transition from heel strike through to toe-off, making every step feel easier. A 10mm heel-to-toe drop also encourages forward momentum in your gait, aiding stability.

The full-length nylon plate also adds stability underfoot, making it perfect for walking on various terrains. Keen’s nylon plate works like a suspension bridge to evenly distribute foot pressure, allowing for more comfort and stability. Overall, the unique design combined with energy-returning foam offers a midsole that helps you seamlessly bridge the gap between walking and running.

Athletic Upper Design

This shoe is perfect for anyone who wants to move quickly and comfortably on different terrains. With TPU overlays and mesh material on the upper, it resembles a trail running shoe (i.e Salomon Ultra Glide 2) and provides a snug fit that wraps tightly around your foot. The two-finger webbing loop on the heel makes it easy to put on and take off while ensuring adequate security. This is a great option if you’re looking for a shoe to wear during the summer. The small perforations on the upper provide ventilation, while larger perforations at the forefoot, sides, and heel keep your feet cool and dry on hot, dry days. Take advantage of this versatile and comfortable shoes with a much more sporty look than say the Sketchers Summit.

Walking Comfort & Fit

The Keen WK400 walking shoe offers an incredible fit which wraps securely around your feet. Offset lacing relieves pressure on the top of your foot yet still manages to lock down the midfoot preventing excessive movement. It’s also worth mentioning that Keen offers half sizes, which is very useful if you need more room. These fit more narrow than traditional Keen footwear such as the Keen Targhee; therefore, you might want to size up depending on your foot shape.

Keen WK400 Outsole & Lug Pattern

Multi-surface outsole with 4mm diamond and rectangular-shaped lugs for excellent grip on various surfaces, giving you confidence when walking on road or trail surfaces in dry and wet conditions. With such versatility, this could become your go-to shoe for daily work commutes, longer walking, weekend hiking and maybe a Ultra Challenge Series walk.

Keen WK400 Gives A Fast Walking Performance

When you start wearing them, you might notice your muscles working differently. This takes a few walks to get used to and results from the design, giving you a more upright walking posture and rolling action when walking. So, if you are looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe perfect for casual walks and light hikes, the Keen WK400 is worth considering. We’re currently waiting on feedback on how they might handle steep accenting hikes. However, we are confident in saying that on light trail and terrain you should be able to power hike with confidence because of the design and lug patterning on the outsole.

Keen WK400 Walking Shoe Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight with an athletic upper design for a snug fit and secure hold on foot.
  • Improves walking form and technique, allowing you to move faster and more efficiently across the ground.
  • Ideal for fast walkers and fast hikers.
  • Generous toe spring for a smooth transition from heel strike through to toe-off push.
  • Offset lacing relieves pressure on the top of your foot yet still manages to lock down the midfoot into the base.
  • Multi-surface outsole with lugs for grip on various terrains.


  • Not the most suitable shoe for extreme hiking with a heavy load.
  • Narrow when compared to the traditional Keen walking shoes.

Final Thoughts On The Keen WK400

The Keen WK400 walking shoe is an ideal choice for anyone looking to move quickly and comfortably on different terrains, thanks to the unique design and the introduction of the Keen.Curve. With a lightweight design, generous toe spring, offset lacing to relieve pressure and multi-surface outsole with lugs – all combine to make this shoe perfect for fast walkers and light hikers alike. The outsole’s durability makes it a great option for daily work commutes or weekend hikes. Regarding future updates, it would be cool if Keen released a waterproof version because that model might suit wetter weather conditions. For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, read our guide to Skechers walking shoes for men and women – which has some great picks to suit all budgets.

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