Looking for a gadget to help you with your running or fitness routine, but don’t want to break the bank on the latest Garmin?  Cool, because they have the perfect product on hand in this LETSCOM GPS Smartwatch review. Feature-rich and easy to use,  keep reading, and you’ll find out why the LETSCOM fitness tracker is a real budget-busting gadget.

LETSCOM GPS Smartwatch Features

Straight out-of-the-box, the LETSCOM GPS smartwatch works well as a fitness tracker. Does regular pulse checks, counts your steps, and allows you to track a range of 14 outdoor and indoor activities. All the activity data collected will be sent to your phone app, and you can then compare your progress.

Connect To Strava Or GoogleFit

However, by delving into the app and settings, you can unlock many handy fitness features. You can also sync the watch with Google Fit or Strava and set up notifications for many regular apps. Including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, as well as standard phone calls or emails.

LETSCOM GPS Watch Battery Life

The battery on the LETSCOM GPS is pretty damn good too. You will about ten days on a single charge if you are using the standard features. This amount of charge is really impressive for a inexpensive watch. Please note that if you use the GPS feature,you’ll need to charge the watch more often. This is the case with all GPS watches, even my Garmin Fenix drains faster when GPS is in use.

The magnetic charger attaches easily and only one way, so you can’t get it wrong when it’s time to power the watch you. You’ll be able to get a full-charge in about 2.5 hours, so just plug it in at the end of and you’ll top the battery right back up.

Waterproof & Can Be Used For Swimming

LETSCOM GPS Smartwatch

The LETSCOM GPS smartwatch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, so you can wear the watch in the bath or shower, running in the rain and swimming. It also offers pool swim mode and open water swim mode to enable you to track your swim distance, laps and overall time.

Nice Screen Size On The LETSCOM GPS Watch

LETSCOM GPS Smartwatch For Running

Another feature we love about this device is the screen’s size, which makes reading information on it so much easier. It’s easy to just twist your wrist and check your progress when on a run or during a workout.

Your home screen can also be customised with your own photos in the Veryfitpro app. The pixels on the screen are bright, clear and you’ll have no trouble viewing the data.

Watch Strap & Comfort

The strap on the watch is nice and soft and also has a quick-release feature. You can replace the standard strap with any 18mm straps you want. This fitness watch is light at only 35grams, and you’ll barely feel it on your wrist.

Finals Thoughts On The LETSCOM GPS Watch

For the money, the LETSCOM is an excellent value for money watch and a real budget-busting option. You won’t find many running and activity watch with in-built GPS for this price. Most of them rely on you carrying your phone with you – not this LETSCOM model.

Compare All LETSCOM Smartwatches & Trackers

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