When it comes to running shorts, I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on them. I’ve found some brands I like and have stuck to them. They are the Lixada 2-in-1 Running Shorts and the ARSUXEO 2-in-1 Running Short – available on Amazon – to be honest, they are very similar, and I feel that they are probably both produced by the same company under different names.

In this guide, I’ll focus on the Lixada 2-in-1 Running Shorts and explain why I like them. I own four pairs in various colours – black, grey, black, red and fluorescent yellow.

Lixada 2-in-1 Running Shorts

The picture featured above is of the men’s version. However, they also have a women’s version too.

Comfort, Breathability & Suitability For Running

The Lixada shorts are comfortable and made using breathable polyester fabric. I have found that they keep me cool on my longer runs in the summer months. In the winter, I would wear a pair of running tights underneath the shorts. The shorts also have mesh air vents on both sides for a little extra breathability.

The inner lining of the shorts is supportive yet stretchy and very comfortable. These shorts are not the least restrictive, and you get a full range of motion when running. Three of my pairs have a fluorescent yellow liner, which is excellent to wear when light conditions are low and helps to get you noticed. I’ve experienced zero chaffings when running in these shorts – including a 50K run in the summer when it was pretty hot in the UK. If you suffer from chafe when you run, read our best anti-chafe sticks for running guide for product suggestions and tips.

Lixada 2-in-1 shorts have an elastic waistband with internal drawstrings if you need to brighten them up. I never have, though, as I wear a Salomon waist belt over the top to carry my mobile phone, which keeps the shorts secure anyway.

Lixada 2-in-1 Shorts PROS & CONS

  • Very well made and durable – I’ve washed mine countless times, and the fabric has not deteriorated
  • Excellent value for money; you really can’t ask for much more
  • Many positive reviews from other buyers
  • Lightweight, breathable and very comfortable on long runs.
  • I can’t think of any – maybe the fact they’re not specialist running shorts? Doesn’t matter to me though

As you can see from the above image, the ARSUXEO 2-in-1 Running Shorts look pretty much identical to the LIxada shorts.

Lixada 2-in-1 Shorts Sizing

If you read the manufacturers notes, they suggest ordering bigger if you are working in UK sizes. I took their advice and went for medium, even though I’m probably small, and the fit was perfect. You’ll also get a handy zippered back pocket for storage of small essentials while running. I use it my keys, face mask, and to carry a little bit of cash.

Compare 2-In-1 Running Shorts

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Lixada 2-in-1 shorts are great value for money. Whilst they are not specialist shorts, they work well for running, and you can also use them for other sports. I see no need to spend extra money on a big brand name when these shorts work so well.

If you are looking for some other running gear, maybe for an ultra-running event, look at our guide to the best-running vests and packs,, or if you need some new running footwear, we have a guide to the best trail running shoes. Since writing this review, we’ve created a guide to the anti-chafing running shorts, which also feature Lixada and many others.

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