In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of the Nike Terra Kiger 6, its features and where you can get hold of it. Not the latest version, yet it still offers plenty for trail runners. Please note that the Nike Terra Kiger 7 is now available.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Overview

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6 Review

The striking-looking Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6,, is one of the best lightweight trail running shoes that will encourage you to push for faster times. It retains the same low-to-the-ground stability, adhesive and grippy outsole, and flexible feel to the midsole. Nike’s Kiger 6 is one of the most comfortable shoes you will find at the moment. If you like lightweight shoes that aid in an up-tempo rhythm, the Nike Terra Kiger 6 is unquestionably a shoe for you.

Overall the shoe is just as decorated as the fifth version that was much loved. The Kiger 6 works superbly on trails, grassy segments, and paved surfaces. This versatility makes the Kiger a great road-to-trail running shoe. The cushion seems to be spot on, too, giving you enough comfort and protection for everyday training runs.

What Terrain Is The Kiger 6 Suitable For?

The most notable difference is that Nike has decreased the forefoot’s width for a snugger, race-oriented fi to the shoe. What hasn’t changed is the single-piece flexible mesh upper which offers you just the right amount of giving and flexibility. This slight give and flex in the mesh make the shoe comfortable while still giving excellent foot holding capabilities.

It can handle up to moderate terrain with no effort at all. If you go on more challenging and more highly technical terrain or muddy areas, the Kiger is not the most suitable option. Go and look at our best trail running shoes for mud under £100 for better options. However, it is built for speedy running– and you won’t be going in top gear through technical muddy terrain anyway.

Nike has now released the 7th edition of this shoe; check out our Nike Terra Kiger 7 Review to see how it differs from the 6.

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