The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 will allow you to run the trail at a pace. They are fast and lightweight, delivering a breathable and secure feel as you run over lighter trail paths or rugged rocky terrain. Nike has updated the lugs’ grip compared to Terra Kiger 6, so you have stability and balance for your downhill trail running segments. In this guide, we’ll give the Nike Air Xoom Terra Kiger 7 a full review and let you know how it compares and differs from the Nike Terra Kiger 6.

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Nike Terra Kiger 7 2021

nike air zoom terra kiger 7

Is The Nike Terra Kiger 7 Comfortable?

With strategically well-placed overlays on the upper of the shoe, you’ll be protected from bumps and graze on the trail. Some runners criticised the 6th edition of this shoe as too restrictive; we believe the fit is better now on the Kiger7.

The dynamic fit system provides a secure feeling to it and supports the foot as you run over rocky or gravel paths. You’ll notice that it feels much better and does not dig into your ankle bones. The tongue is well padded too, and this will help to reduce pressure after long mileage runs.

In terms of protection, the Terra Kiger 7 still features a rock plate on the heel of the shoe that helps to shield your foot on rougher, rockier terrains.

Womren's Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

A collar around the ankle area holds the foot that delivers greater comfort whilst also creating a barrier to prevent annoying trail debris such as small stones and sticks enter the shoes. Finishing off the upper section of the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 is a lacing system that locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe horizontally and vertically foot movement.

The Air Zoom technology is present at the rearfoot and forefoot of the shoe. This extra layer of comfort minimises joint stress and increases the bounce-back effect from each stride your take. We’ll cover the Air Zoom a little bit more later in the article.

Terra Kiger 7 Cushioning And React Foam

A full-length layer of React Foam cushioning resides underfoot to deliver feathery durability plus smooth responsiveness. It possesses more cushioning than the Kiger 6, and you should notice this different This foams reactive nature means it can absorb impact and then discharges it back out through the foot for a bounce-like effect. This energy-return technology can help make your energy consumption more efficient, reduce fatigue, and improves performance, keeping you going longer.

Soft, generous and substantial, React Foam will save your joints as you strike down onto the challenging, unforgiving concrete section that you are running.

Is The Terra Kiger 7 Breathable?

nike terra kiger 7 breathability

Perforations in the mesh uppers’ fabric will increase airflow, creating more suitable conditions for your feet to flourish on longer running sessions. Breathability is vital in warmer weather conditions in the summer or on longer runs when your feet swell even more than usual.

Nike Terra Kiger 7 Grip & Oursole

The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 outsole’s is built with durable rubber, and the grip ensures long-lasting protection on the trails. This rubber provides a firm grip on the most challenging terrain; it protects itself from damage and protects users from firm control and slipping.

The abrasion-resistant rubber outsole protects as you strike down and take off. Within the outsole, a segmented rock plate helps to shield your foot on rough terrain. Questions remain, though, about its ability to grip and stick on wet rocky terrain. That’s not an issue for me, though, as I see the Nike Terra Kiger 7 as a shoe I’ll probably only want to use in dry conditions anyway.

Closing the outsole are multidirectional traction lugs featuring high-abrasion rubber. The grip on the Nike Terra Kiger 7 will help when you are running downhill and uphill, giving you confidence on the trail. They are spaced and patterned to grab the mud for grip yet shed any mud collected through the stride. As a result, you won’t be carrying extra weight on the sole of your shoe and won’t experience a drop in pace and performance,

Are The Nike Terra Kiger 7 Shoes Fast?

The extra cushioning may have reduced speed slightly on shorter runs. However, the added comfort does mean you can cruise for long distances on the trail. I think this is a positive thing, and you still can move at pace; it’s just now you can maintain that pace for a longer time.

Nike Zoom Air technology uses a combination of pressurised air pockets that use internal fibres. The result is a shoe that can deliver responsive cushioning that bounces back and transfers energy returns through the shoe. The energy transfer is fast, helping you to move faster and more efficiently. Another advantage of the Terra Kiger 7 is that it is also super lightweight and uses a low-profile design. However, the ground feel is probably less than in the previous version.

Nike Terra Kiger 7 PROS & CONS

nike air zoom terra kiger 7 2021
  • More cushioning than the Terra Kiger 6 version of the shoe
  • Improved fit that is less restrictive, yet still secure
  • You are able to cruise long distances at a decent pace
  • The updated lug pattern on the outsole
  • Air Zoom featured across the midsole
  • Reactive to the ground and provide a good energy return
  • Questions remain about the grip on wet rocks (if you’ll use it on this type of terrain)
  • Improved comfort has probably made the shie slightly slower over shorter distances.


Technical Specifications

  • Heel Drop: 4 mm
  • Heel Height: 24 mm
  • Forefoot Height: 20 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 263.6 grams

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