Are you a Nike Terra Kiger fan? If so, you might be interested in some news regarding the 8th edition of Nike’s trail running shoe. The Nike Terra Kiger 8 will be released sometime in April 2022. Thus far, details are limited; however, we will fill you in with what we know.

Nike Terra Kiger 8 Preview

From what we know about the history of Nike running shoes, they tend to change the midsole/outsole and upper every two years.

Nike Terra Kiger 8 Upper

A new edition of a running shoe will rarely undergo a complete transformation between editions. Consequently, we know the Nike Terra Kiger 7 kept a pretty similar upper to the Nike Terra Kiger 6; we can expect to see a new upper design on Kiger 8.

Midsole & Outsole

Following the previous logic, because the midsole was updated last time, we don’t expect much change to the midsole and outsole on the Terra Kiger 8. Don’t get me wrong; we will probably see aesthetic changes and subtle changes, making it look “New”. However, fundamentally it will be the same technology found in the previous edition.

Are They Worth Buying

One of the most obvious questions is if it’s worth waiting for if the difference is not going to be huge. Well, this all depends on how you got on with the previous model. If the Nike Terra Kiger 7 were the shoe for you, then the changes in the new model might not suit you. Conversely, the opposite will also be true. I tend to find if I like a trail running shoe, I stock up on them (maybe three pairs). Therefore, if the new edition isn’t good for me, I am covered until I find a new model or a new edition is released.

Current Terra Kiger 7 Options

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