Looking for a convenient way to lose weight, improve fitness, stay active, and tone your body without stepping out of your home? Look no further than the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper, a compact yet powerful exercise machine that could make the perfect addition to your home gym. This review will guide you through its features, benefits, and why it’s the ideal fitness solution for your home.

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Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Review

The Nordic Lifting Stepper is not just an exercise machine; it’s a complete home gym solution. Its compact size makes it easy to set up in any corner of your home. It’s perfect for those who live in apartments or spaces where space is at a premium. You can easily slide it under your bed or store it in a closet when not in use. Available to buy in in 4 colours; including black, white, red and pink.

Imagine this: you’re watching your favourite show on Netflix, and during each episode, you spend 15 minutes working out on the mini stepper. By the end of a few episodes, you’ve done a full cardio workout without realizing it! Perfect for those new to exercising or needing a low-impact activity they can do at home or in the office.

Even experienced fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the Nordic Lifting Stepper machine, especially on rest days. The stepper offers a low-impact way to keep the body moving, facilitating active recovery. It can help gently stretch muscles, increase blood circulation, and promote better muscle healing and recovery. So, even on your day off from vigorous workouts, you can keep your body loose and limber, supporting overall fitness and well-being.

What Included With The Nordic Lifting Stepper

Unboxing the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper is like opening a treasure chest of fitness goodies. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper: This is the heart of the package. The mini stepper is compact, sturdy, and designed for an intense cardio workout.
  2. Resistance Bands: You’ll find three sets of resistance bands in varying sizes – 20 inches, 28 inches, and 39 inches. These bands add a strength training dimension to your cardio workouts. They can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and help you progress at your own pace.
  3. D-Ring Handles: These handles are designed for a comfortable grip during workouts. They can be attached to the resistance bands for exercises that target your upper body.
  4. Net Bag with Stepper Parts: This bag contains all the parts you need to assemble your mini stepper. Don’t worry; the assembly is simple.
  5. User Manual: The manual offers clear instructions on assembling and using the mini stepper effectively. It also provides safety guidelines to ensure you get a great workout without any risk of injury.
  6. Exercise Booklet: It provides a range of exercises with the mini stepper and resistance bands. You’ll find workouts challenging and motivating whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Data Display

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Data Display Screen

The Nordic Lifting Stepper has a simple yet functional data display. While it may not offer the flashy interfaces found on more expensive gym equipment, its simplicity adds to its charm and ease of use. This user-friendly module tracks important workout metrics such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, and elapsed exercise time. A valuable tool in your fitness journey, this display allows you to monitor your progress at a glance. Having a tangible measure of your daily activities encourages consistency and helps you strive for improvement, making pursuing fitness goals an engaging and measurable journey.

Resistance Bands For Full-Body Work Out

The Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper isn’t just a foot cardio machine; it’s a comprehensive workout package. It includes resistance bands of various sizes, D-ring handles, a net bag with stepper parts, an instruction guide, and an exercise booklet.

The Nordic Lifting Stepper machine offers a full-body workout, targeting multiple muscle groups in one fell swoop. When you step, the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, the powerhouse muscles of your lower body, are all actively engaged. You’ll feel the burn, and that’s a sign they’re working hard! The resistance bands are where the magic happens for your upper body. Your biceps, triceps, and the muscles in your shoulders and back get a thorough workout as you pull.

Your core is also included; maintaining balance during your workout engages the abdominal muscles, strengthening your centre. This combined approach ensures a comprehensive workout that tones your body evenly, enhancing overall strength and balance.

High-Quality Build For Safety and Stability

Safety should never be compromised, especially when working out at home. The Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper has a non-slip dotted rubber mat, a sturdy balance bar drive, and a hydraulic cylinder. These features ensure you can exercise without worry, even in the most intense settings. The high-quality and durable build also means it has a 150kg user weight capacity, the same as 23.5 stones or 330 lbs.

Suppose you’re doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts at home. The mini stepper’s stability allows you to push your limits without fearing slipping or falling. You can use the mini stepper as one of your workout stations to keep the blood pumping and the heart working.

Warranty and Customer Support

The Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper offers a +1-year extra warranty. Register using the included card to extend your warranty to 2 years. This shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and provides peace of mind.

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Pros & Cons


  • Compact and functional – The mini stepper fits perfectly in any home with limited space.
  • Cost-effective – No more expensive gym memberships. You can get fit and in shape right at home.
  • Versatile workouts – You can enjoy a full-body workout with cardio, body toning, and resistance band exercises.
  • Adjustable intensity – The resistance bands come in three levels, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workouts as per your fitness level.
  • Safe and stable – The mini stepper’s stability features will enable you to workout confidently, even at high intensity. Also has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg.
  • Extended warranty – You can extend your warranty to 2 years, giving you peace of mind.


  • We have yet to find anything that would justify writing anything negative, as it does what it says very well.

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper, consider the ProIron Mini Stepper. This model is known for its build quality and added features, such as an integrated LED display showing your real-time workout stats. Like the Nordic Lifting model, the ProIron Mini Stepper also offers a full-body workout, thanks to the included resistance bands. However, it’s important to note that these added features come at a higher price point. If you want other options, look at our guide to the best mini steppers, which features models to suit all budgets.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, based on its versatility, effectiveness, and ease of use, the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper emerges as an exceptional fitness tool that caters to various fitness goals. Whether you aspire to shed excess weight, sculpt your physique, preserve an active lifestyle, or enhance your overall physical well-being, this mini stepper is the ideal workout solution for home use. It’s more than just an ordinary piece of exercise equipment – it’s a prudent investment in your health and longevity.

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