When we go out running, we all have the right to feel safe and free. However, sometimes we find ourselves in positions that make us feel unsafe or in danger. Unfortunately, we have heard of several attacks on female runners over the last year. Also, one study found that 43% of women experienced harassment when running, increasing to 58% for under 30-year-olds. A little preparation and prudence can give you peace of mind. We’ve rounded up some of the most effective, low-profile personal safety alarms for female runners out there. It’s not just runners they are useful for; however, this is a running blog, so that’s the guide’s focus.

safety alarms for female runners

I hope the figures above hasn’t put off women from running, especially if they run alone. Maybe simply knowing you have a personal safety alarm if you need it might make you feel more confident about running alone. Just make sure you know how to use whatever it is you’re carrying. The bottom line is; do what makes you feel most comfortable when running.

Best Safety Alarms For Female Runners

Below you’ll find a great range of personal safety alarms and devices. We’ve highlighted our top pick, and we’ll cover that device in more detail later.

Best Selling Personal Alarm For Female Runners

Police Approved Personal Alarm - Top Pick

This personal safety alarm is very well made and has a good design. It comes with a keychain; you can clip it your running belt, shorts, leggings or use a wristband and clip it to that. The company claims that their personal alarms are police approved; however, I can’t verify this for sure.

The siren on the personal alarm device is deafening- 140dB, and hence quite effective. I would compare it to the noise level of a standard smoke alarm. Actually, the average smoke alarm is only required to be 85 dB, so this thing is pretty damn loud. It is loud enough to startle and confuse any would-be attacker.

It also comes with a little torch on the alarm, which can come in handy too. Overall, a very affordable device and takes our top spot out of all personal safety alarms for female runners we covered – you get 3 in a pack, which is also effective at what it is made to do.

Personal Safety Alarms And Devices For Runners

Personal Safety Alarm Picture Gallery

We really hope you found this article useful; remember to stay safe when running. If you run at night, try and run with a friend and stick to well-lit streets and areas. Due to the popularity of this guide and the interest in these types of products, we’ve made a second related guide. Go and read our guide to the best wrist-worn panic alarms – these devices are discreet, easy to use and very loud.

Running At Night: Personal Safety Tips

The evening is often the only time some people can run when they have finished work or put the kids to bed. Also, many runners prefer running at night, as the streets are less busy. If you are running at night, you do need to be careful, though. In this section, we’ve come up with some tips and advice on making your night runs as safe as possible.

Go Running In Familar Areas

Running at night, especially alone, is not a time to discover new routes and running segments. Also, avoid running trails alone at night because of their uneven surfaces and ankle rolling potential. Staying closer to home on roads you know well and with a quick way back home, ideally, in neighbourhoods with homes filled with people who can come to your aid. You don’t want to get lost in a strange area with no idea how to get home.

Tell Someone You Have Gone Running

Never leave the house to go on a run without telling at least one person, day or night. Also, tell them where you plan to run and how long you will be gone. You could also ask someone to call you if you are not home by a particular time.

Run At Night With Your Mobile Phone

Always take your phone with you at night. If there is ever a time you feel uncomfortable on the run, you can contact some immediately. I’ve heard from some female runners that they often pretend to be talking on the phone when running past suspicious groups talking down the phone in a way that suggests they are nearly home or just around the corner.

Carry your personal safety alarms with you at all times and make sure the battery is working. You can also install the personal safety alarms GPS tracker app like the one we featured in the comparison table earlier in the article.

Wear A Running Head Torch At Night

Yes, I know they can look a little silly in urban areas, but they also let cars, cyclists and other pedestrians know you are there. High quality running head torches are also very bright, and they could startle a confuse any potential threat. The head torch feature below features a super powerful lamp that can also project over 120 meters.

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