Today, more people than ever wearing smart devices on their wrists to measure activity and health. What seemed like something reserved for elite athletes has now become mainstream. Now, with the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor, your dog can do the same. The PitPat Activity Monitor gives you an easy way to keep track of your dog’s activity level, manage their weight, and to have fun when doing it.

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

My four-legged friend – Albert uses one, and I Love it. It gives me the opportunity to tracks explicitly his exercise and activity levels throughout the day. For my running and walking, I use my Garmin watch. Using PitPat allows me to know what activity he is doing, even when I’m not with him.

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

How Does The PitPat Dog Tracker Work

The PitPat dog activity monitor is built just for your dog and fits quietly on the dog’s collar. It is so simple to attach uses a velcro strap that wraps around your dog’s collar. The velcro used is super-strong, and mine have never come close to loosening up. The activity tracker is fully waterproof, so it is fine to use in the rain or when your dog has a bath.

The activity tracker uses a small battery and does don’t need recharging. I still have the same battery as I got when I bought it – they say the battery should last one year.

PitPat Attaches Easily To Your Dogs Collar

Firstly, the activity tracker uses a three-axis accelerometer that captures and records all your dog’s movements 24 hours a day. Secondly, PiPat uses what it calls “dogorithms” to analyse your dog’s movements every 10 minutes. Together with the movement patterns and data, the device knows what activity your dog was doing in that time and records it on the device.

Sync Tracker To The PitPat App

You can sync the device with the free PitPat app, so all your dog’s activity data on the device is sent to your phone. There is also an option to upgrade the app; I didn’t, and PitPat works perfectly out-the-box without any needed subscription.

Moreover, the App is super easy to use, so even if you or a family member are not tech-savvy, you’ll have no trouble getting set up and collecting doggy data.

What Activities Does The PitPat Dog App Track

Your PitPat activity monitor can track four activities needed to keep your dog happy and healthy. They are Walking, Running, Playing, Pottering And Resting. In addition to the four activities, the device can also estimate daily distance covered and calories burnt.

PitPat Dog Acticity Monitor Features

With the free PitPat tracker app, you can create your dogs own little profile. You can add their photo, date of birth, breed information, sex, weight and exercise goals. The activity data can be shared with a co-owner too via email.

You can set the exercise goals to a recommended level or customise them yourself. This customisation feature is nice because each dog is unique and will be starting from a different fitness level.

The PitPat device is helpful for weight loss and management too. You add your dogs starting weight and ideal weight (based on size/breed). As an owner, you can track your dog’s weight and progress; if they have a weight loss goal.

PitPat Dog Activity Monitor APP Badges

For completing specific tasks and targets, your dog can earn badges on the app. These include things like activity day streaks – starting from 3 days. Albert is current passed his 90-day goal streak and working towards 180-days. The app will also give you progress updates on the badges of you click on the unlocked one.

Other badges your dog can earn are landmark distance badges. Examples of landmark badges include covering the distance of “A Marathon”, “The Length Of The South Coast”, “Land’s End ToJohn O’Groats or a lap of “Loch Ness.” I liked this feature; as an owner, I was excited to see what badges Albert was close to achieving, and it keeps me motivated to keep him active.

Why You Need PitPat Dog Activity Monitor?

PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor (no GPS) - Lightweight and waterproof with no recharging or subscription (latest version, as seen on TV)

Dog Weight Loss & Weight Management

There are various reasons you would want one. I suffered an injury, limiting the amount of exercise I could do with my dog. During this period, I didn’t manage Albert’s weight intake properly, and he gained a bit of weight. It worked for us, and Albert soon shredded the extra weight and is fit as ever. I now use the monitor can help him that way.

When You're Not With Your Dog

Maybe lots of people looking after your dog – husband, wife, son, daughter or neighbour. But you know who’s done what when you’re not there? A Pitpat dog activity monitor can help you find out.

I’ll walk Albert in the morning before I leave for work, and then when I get home, I can see how many minutes he’s been walking, running, playing and resting. If he’s had an active day, I know he might not need a long evening walk. However, if he’s been spending too many hours resting, I know he needs some exercise.

It is also useful if you use a dog-walking service – even if you trust them completely – a monitor can help you keep tabs on just how much activity your dog is getting when you’re not around.


Track Your Dogs Sleep & Rest

The PitPat dog tracker does not technically monitor sleep, but it does keep track of rest. So, while named as Rest in the app, if you look on the PitPat app data, it kind of works out as the same thing. During the sleep period, I can see that there has been zero activity tracked on the graph. This tends to happen when Albert is asleep rather than just chilling. When he is relaxing on the sofa but still moving a little, the tracker registers these movements on the apps chart.

New Puppy In The Family

If you’ve just got a puppy congrats, however, you’ll want to do the best for them. Things like food and exercise that they can’t choose for themselves. Puppies joints are still developing, and you need to make sure they don’t overdo it when they are so young. The PitPat will let you know how much exercise your puppy should get and validate that they’re getting it and not overstretching themselves.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

If your dog has an operation, your vet may likely suggest a period of rehabilitation and rest. PitPat can help you and your vet to restrict the amount of exercise the dog gets afterwards. When your furry friend recovers, you can steadily increase their activity levels until they return to full fitness.

PitPat Is Useful For Older Dogs Too

PitPat Fitness Tracker

Just like humans, older dogs sill need regular exercise if they are to stay fit and healthy – not too much, though, they’re not as energetic as they once were.

The dog activity monitor can help you recognise the signs of slowing down so you can adapt your exercise routine accordingly. If your dog is on medication for arthritis or joint pain, an activity monitor can help you keep a closer eye on how well they’re moving.

Other Dog Activity Monitors & Trackers

Below is some other option that includes GPS functionality. However, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly plan for them to work. With PitPat, it works out-the-box.

I’m trying to add more doggy gear reviews to our website – particularly gear linked to exercise and running. Another guide I did with the help of Albert was the Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness. The Stwitchbak is a great harness for owners who go running or hiking with their dogs.

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