Are you an ultra-marathon runner looking for the best power bank battery packs to keep you charged up throughout your races? Look no further! We’ve got the perfect selection of options that will give you plenty of juice to get through even the longest runs. From lightweight and compact designs to more heavy-duty models with extra capacity for extended times on the trail, we have just what you need!

The best power banks are also equipped with advanced safety features like overcharging protection and short circuit prevention, so you can be sure your device is safe. So don’t let a dead battery stop you from pushing yourself during those long race days. Get the power you need to go the extra mile with a reliable power bank battery pack from our top picks. Let’s get started, guys and gals!

Table of Contents: Power Banks For Runners

Best Power Bank Battery Packs To Buy

Take a look at some of our top power bank battery packs below – each one has been carefully selected based on capacity, weight, fast charging capabilities and safety features. Get ready to go the extra mile on ultra run events with these reliable power banks!

Auskang USB C 5000mAh Super Mini Power Bank

The super lightweight 98g power bank is perfect for ultra-marathon runners who need to stay charged up on the go. It offers fast charging, with a 5000mAh capacity – enough to keep your devices going for an entire race day. I took one of these with me for the Peak District 100K in 2022 and used them to charge my phone I take to ultras, which is old and has a poor battery and my Shokz OpenRun Pro earphones. The Auskang is super compact and fits nicely into the side pocket of my Salomon Active Skin 4 running vest. This would be my top pick for those running a 50K or 100K ultra or a weekend-long run.

BONAI 5800mAh Small Portable Power Bank

This is another ultra-lightweight power bank, weighing just 138g, and it boasts a decent 5800mAh capacity. It features multiple ports for charging phones, tablets and other devices simultaneously. The BONAI also has overcharging protection – essential for any marathon runner’s kit bag. You’ll be able to fully charge even the newest iPhones or Samsung models. Click the link above to see the full range of phones and devices this power bank can use.

PowerAdd 5000mAh Power Bank Battery Pack

The PowerAdd 5000mAh USB C power bank has a sleek and compact design making it perfect for ultra marathon running. It is also incredibly lightweight at just 99g! Features fast charging technology so you can quickly top up your device on the go. Another great option to take with you on a long endurance run where having a power bank is classed as an essential kit.

Miady 5000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank - Double Pack

This is an excellent option for those who want to stay charged up for longer. The Miady power bank comes with two 5000mAh batteries so you can have one on the go and another spare in your bag. It’s also smartly designed, with three USB ports and fast charging technology. At only 120g, it won’t weigh you down. A fantastic option for those on a budget!

EnergyCell 5000mAh Ultra-Compact Power Bank

The EnergyCell power bank is one of the most powerful and lightweight options, with a 5200mAh capacity. A low weight at just 99 g makes it ideal for ultra marathon runs where every gram counts. The bonus here is that it’s equipped with 2A input that allows you to charge twice as fast. This model is only available in white, so it might not be ideal for muddy fingers.

INIU Power Bank 10000mAh

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty option with extra capacity, then the INIU Power Bank 10000mAh USB C is perfect. This model can charge two devices simultaneously and has fast charging technology for quicker power boosts. It also comes with an inbuilt digital display that shows how much juice is left on the battery. Not the lightest at 200 grams, but the design is sturdy, and the extra juice available in the battery might suit hikers and runners.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Ultra Compact Battery Pack

Anker Portable Charger – This 10,000 mAh battery is lightweight (180g) and compact enough to run efficiently. It also has quick charge technology, so you can get your device topped up quickly during those long days out in the wild. It has advanced safety features like overcharging protection and short circuit prevention to ensure your device is safe.

More Power Bank Battery Pack Info

Benefits Of Having A Power Bank When Running Ultra Marathons

Having a portable power bank when running ultra marathons can be extremely helpful. For starters, it provides an extra charge should your device run out of juice before you finish the race. Power bank battery packs also allows you to stay connected on the go, keep track of your stats on OpenTrack for example, and communicate with family and friends during the longer ultra races. While there are many benefits, one of the best is access to a dependable energy source in remote locations away from modern comforts.

Choose The Right Power Bank Battery Pack For Running?

When choosing a power bank battery pack for ultra marathons, ensure it’s lightweight and compact enough to carry without weighing you down. It should also have enough capacity to keep your device charged for the race, so consider your device’s size and battery life when selecting a power bank. Additionally, look for models with advanced safety features like overcharging protection and short circuit prevention to ensure your device is safe. Lastly, pay attention to customer reviews as they indicate how reliable the product is and if it’s worth investing in.

Keys Features In Power Bank Battery Pack For Running

1. Capacity: Look for a battery with at least 5000 mAh capacity to ensure you have enough power to last throughout your event.

2. Size and Weight: A lightweight and compact design are essential if you want to move quickly on the trail. Choose something that will weigh you down or take up only a little space in your drop-off duffel bag or your ultra-running hydration vest. I like to take a small power bank that will fit into my salmon running belt.

3. Fast Charging: Some batteries are equipped with quick charge technology to get power back into your device faster than ever before. Perfect for when time is of the essence!

4. Safety Features: Ensure the device is protected from overcharging and short circuits for added peace of mind during long days out in the wild.

Final Thoughs On Power Banks For Runners

Power bank battery packs are an invaluable tool for any runner, especially in ultra-marathons. Not only do they provide a reliable source of energy to keep your devices charged on the go, but they can also ensure that you remain focused and energized during long days out in the wild. My top pick is the Auskang, and I love taking this model on my running adventures. With its lightweight and compact design, advanced safety features, and fast charging capabilities, I know I’m good to go.

When selecting power bank battery packs, remember to consider its capacity, size and weight, fast charging capabilities, and safety features. With these features in mind and after looking through our recommendations above, you can find the perfect battery pack for your next ultra-running challenge!

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