Albert got himself a new harness the other day, and I thought I would share our thoughts. The one I choose was the Ruffwear Switchbak Harness. Albert has had a couple of Ruffwear harnesses in the past – the webmaster has been our choice in the past. We needed an upgraded and noticed the Ruffwear Switchbak Harness – a new product in the range, I think.

I love the Ruffwear dog harness because they are pretty much escape-proof. Albert is a naughty boy and very excitable, and we had a problem in the past when using cheaper harnesses. The Ruffwear harnesskeeps him secure and gives me greater confidence when we got out walking and running.

Ruffwear Switchbak Harness

Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness

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The Switchbak Harness is a hybrid pack and harness in one and is ideal for long walks, runs on the trail and activities when you don’t need a full pack but need to bring some essentials. It fits well and features a padded chest panel with 2 Airloc buckles for easy on and off. Available in Blue Moon, Red Sumac and Granite Grey – we went for the Blue Moon colour.

Comfortable & Well Designed

The design and construction of the Switchbak dog harness are top-notch, in my opinion. It is made from durable polyester and has foam padding for extra comfort on longer walks or short runs.

The harness underside’s moulded channels also allow for better flexibility when changing directs on walks and runs. These channels also enable air to flow to keep Albert cool when we jog or run.

Ruffwear Switchbak Harness - Easy To Fit

There are 5 points of adjustment, so it is super-easy for you to find the perfect fit. I only needed to adjust the front and back straps; the chest plate was fine when we first fitted it on Albert. However, the chest area can also be adjusted if needed.

The Switchbak harness also comes with two leash attachment points: a real stong and robust aluminium V-Ring on the back and a reinforced webbed loop on the chest panel. We will probably never use the attachment point on the chest area; however, it is there if you need it.

Switchbak Harness Storage & Zipped Pockets

The pockets on the Switchbak caught my attention, which was one of the main reasons I decided to get this harness. They offer ample room and have expansion pleats, so you can pack in a lot more than you might at first think.

We’ve used the pockets for poo-bags and treats. However, there is plenty of room if you wanted to pack some water and other personal items. We know to keep a full pack of doggy bags in the pocket, so we are never caught short when out, even on a short walk.

When you’re not using the storage area, these zippered pockets flattened down when not in use so that they won’t bunch up and feel uncortable.

Dog Assist Handle The Harness

Another excellent feature is the padded handle, which allows for greater close control of your dog. The handle can also help you comfortably lift and assist your dog – when climbing over obstacles or simply just getting in and out of the car. You also get an attachment point on the back of the harness for additional safety lighting.

Ruffwear Switchbak Harness Sizing

We ended up buying the medium-sized harness. To check what size you need, measure your dog around the widest point of their ribcage.

  • X-Small: 17-22 inches (43-56 cm)
  • Small: 22-27 inches (56-69 cm)
  • Medium: 27-32 inches (69-81 cm) – The size we went for.
  • Large/X-Large: 32-42 inches (81-107 cm)

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