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Do you want to run your first ultramarathon? That great, now lets first discuss what a ultra is and we’ll see if its the perfect race for you. Technically an Ultra is defined as anything more extended than the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles. But that’s where any similarity ends. Terrains and distances of organised ultra events vary enormously, and no two ultra event are the same.

Ultramarathon Running Races Are Fun​

There are some incredible iconic ultras all over the World, eye-watering distances, and mind-blowingly extreme conditions. Think of Badwater, Barkley Marathons, Hurt or Western States.

Runninh A Ultramarathon

The Surroundings Are Beautiful

Trail running will without a doubt be more gratifying when compared to road running. Training for and running an ultra marathon will help keep you running in gorgeous surroundings. What a way for you to discover different locations – and loaded with endorphins.

You Do Not Have To Be Superman Or Wonder Woman

Ultrarunning carries a reputation of the crazy to it. In reality, specifically shorter ultra marathons, it often isn’t really more training as compared with a marathon. I reality, there is a good chance that it is going to be simpler and easier. Because it isn’t as much about speed and how fast you can run for 4 hours or so. It is more about controllable pacing for an extended time.

Ultra Marathons Are Diverse - Something For Everyone

The majority of marathons across the world tend to look much of a muchness, they are often held in big cities and don’t really vary much in terms of elevation. You probably expect to post a similar time for every marathon you do,?or at any rate, you’ll likely compare and contrast the times. It’s fairly hard to do that for ultra marathons.  The terrain dictates the running event? and so, each ultra is a new experience and a new kind of achievement. You will also find various types of ultras, from pretty flat fast ones to events with plenty of elevation and technical running.

It's The Finishing That Matters, Not The Time Or Winner

You might well time yourself. But ultra running is really not about the time. That’s partly because they’re all different. But it’s also because it’s more of an endurance test than a speed one. There really is no pressure. To do it at all is a huge achievement. To pass the finish line at all will give you something that few people can claim to have and so it doesn’t really matter about the time.

Ultramarathon Running Events Have A Community Feel

As marathons are filled with people, tightly packed together at the start line and Ultras are not. Instead of thousands of runners, there is a different kind of companionship and intimacy with only 400 (for example). It might not appeal to you, but if it does then an ultramarathon is better suited for you than a standard marathon. At Ultra events, there is also a great sense of community. If you are struggling it is not uncommon for a fellow runner to stop and ask if you need any help, or they might offer to run or walk with you until you get to the next aid station.

First Ultramarathon

Preparing For A Ultra Will Be Part Of Your Life

If you’re into running anyhow, you make it a part of your life. That means preparing for your Ultra doesn’t have to be the massive sacrifice that many maybe believe it is. The majority of the time, you will be doing a long easy run in preparation for the big event. So, enjoy the run, enjoy the view, and feel great at the end of the session.

Set Yourself A Running New Goal - Break A Barrier

It’s not something everybody thinks they’ll do in their life. So when you do it, you are breaking barriers all over. That’s not to say you didn’t do the same in your first marathon. However, you get to do it all once again with a brand spanking new sense of accomplishment to it.

It's A Bucket List Experience - Memories Made

It may not even be the running that appeals to you. An ultra-marathon is often referred to as a life experience. The day will be something completely different and exploring somewhere completely new. For many first-timers, they will see it as an adventure. And an adventure that should not be missed if you are capable will to put in a little bit of effort.

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