Inspired by the Salomon team of elite trail runners, this 4-Litre capacity hydration vest is an excellent option for trail runners. The price point sits nicely in the mid-range between lesser-known brands such as UTOBEST and the higher end packs by Salomon and other brands such as Inov-8 and Ultimate Direction. In our Salomon Active Skin 4 Review, we’ll look at the key features, storage and pockets, comfort and give you our overall thoughts.

Salomon Active Skin Running Vest

Salomon Active Skin 4 Key Features

Salomon Active Skin 4 Running Vest
  • 4-litre total capacity
  • 2 X 500ml soft flasks included
  • 2 X stretchable flask pockets and two further pockets below
  • A larger zippable storage compartment to the rear
  • An additional compartment to fit a 1.5/2L hydration bladder system (not included)
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Elasticated cords offer a secure fit
  • Reflective accents on the vest for improved visibility
  • Small whistle attached to the front for emergencies

Storage & Packets On The Active Skin 4 Hydration Vest

The Salomon Active Skin 4 has plenty of storage space and a good range of pockets. I also own the Salomon Agile 2 (2L capacity), and the volume on Active Skin 4 seems way more than double. In addition to flask pockets on the front, you’ll also get two larger pockets below – plenty of room for snacks, a first aid kit and other essential items.

You’ll see one large, zippable compartment—ample space for a rain jacket, spare socks, food, and other bits and bobs. The compartment also features bungie cords crisscrossing over to tighten and pack down and secure whatever you have inside. Behind the compartment is a second area that can accommodate a 1.5L/2L hydration bladder (not included). For the price and build quality, you get a lot of pockets and space on this vest.

Plenty Of Space For Water/Fluids

With 2 X 500ml soft flasks included, stowed and secured around the vest’s chest area. The flasks easy to access, and as they empty, the pocket area will compress down, so they don’t bounce or move as you run.

Salomon 500ml Soft Flasks

The Salomon Active Skin 4 is also compatible with a hydration bladder if you need extra fluid on your run. There is a space behind the rear storage compartment for a hydration bladder – with a red clip to lock the bladder in place. This additional water capacity will be helpful on a long, all-day trail adventure, where you won’t have access to a water source. Probably not needed for most ultra events where aid stations are plentiful.

Salomon Active Skin 4 Running Vest Fit & Comfort

You can secure the vest in place at the front using elasticated cords. These cords crisscross the chest area and then clip into place. At first, they can be a little tricky to slot into place. After a few goes, you’ll get the hang of it. Furthermore, once they are connected, the vest will be securely and comfortably connected o your body.

The majority of the vest is made from a mesh material which helps with ventilation and keeping you cool. When it comes to comfort, the Salomon Active Skin 4 excels. It features padding in key areas of the vest, such as the shoulders and chest. The padding ensures minimal rubbing with this vest, even on those longer runs or during ultra events.

Salomon Active Skin 4 Ventilated Mesh

PROS Of The Salomon Active Skin 4

CONS Of The Salomon Actove Skin 4

Other Salomon Running Vest/Pack Options

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