In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the Salomon Alphacross Blast, which is available in both a standard and GTX version. We’ll be looking at the upper, midsole and grip of the outsole and how it compares to other Salomon trail shoes.

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Salomon Alphacross Blast Review

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Alphacross Blast Upper

The upper on the Salomon Alphacross GTX is stitch-free and provides a sleek look and a glove-like feel. The upper is built using woven fabrics that can resist ripping, tearing and abrasion. The addition of the Gore-Tex® membrane makes them waterproof, yet they are still pretty lightweight and breathable. This industry-standard waterproof material keeps the foot dry and protected by drawing moisture away.

You also have the option to go for a non-GTX version too, which will be slightly lighter and cooler on your feet. GTX is not for everyone; I could personally take it or leave it

SALOMON Men's Alphacross Blast Trail Running Shoe, Blue Ashley Blue Ebony Ashley Blue, 9 UK

The Alphacross Blast has a traditional Salomon lacing system on the upper with eyelets. The lacing system does an okay job keeping the foot stable. However, I prefer my Salomon running shoes to come with the pull and lock lacing system found on the higher-end models – such as Sense Ride 4 or the Speedcross 5.

Midsole Comfort

The Salomon Alphacross running shoe comes with a midsole made with EnergyCell high-performance EVA foam. This material is lightweight and flexible – moving with your foot as your hit the ground. It gives excellent comfort and shock absorption when pounding challenging and uneven, muddy terrains.

The Salomon Alphacross feels a little more comfortable running on shorter road segments than the Supercross. Whenever I have to run a shorter road or concrete segment in my Speedcross, it can feel like I am running in football boots. There is nothing wrong with the Speedcross; it’s just not made for the road – yet it’s a beast in the mud.

SALOMON Alphacross Blast Gtx Trail Running Shoe, Blue Dark Denim White Ashley Blue, 10 UK

An OrthoLite® insole comes with this trail running shoe. The insole helps to wick moisture away to provide a healthier environment for your feet in the long run or during the warmer summer months. This insole also provides a little extra cushioning underfoot compared to the insoles you get as standard in other running shoe brands.

Outsole and Grip On The Trail

Tackle any trails in the supreme belief that your shoe’s grip won’t let you down. Using Contagrip, the outsole can create a firm grip between shoe and trail terrain. Contagrip TD rubber offers the maximum traction on moderate terrain and is durable enough to withstand the most challenging trails. Built with large lugs, the Alphacross delivers optimum grip to keep you grounded on rugged terrain.


For those of you that love to go trail running on the wet and muddy ground, the shoe’s deep chevron lugs dig into the ground. These lugs will keep your feet anchored in place. The lugs give you a solid base for you to push off and stride – digging into the ground when changing direction to avoid trail obstacles. Overall, it offers maximum traction on soft and hard surfaces.

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Final Thoughts On The Salomon Alphacross Blast

The Alphacross Blast GTX and standard versions have repackaged some of the hallmarks found on the Speedcross. The result is a more affordable trail shoe, which is ideal if you tackle trails once or twice per week. It’s got an aggressive outsole with a lug patterning and depth designed for muddy/soft trail terrain, a woven ripstop upper, and a cushioned EnergyCell midsole.

The Alphacross Blast has a slightly more minimal, less structured upper and features a traditional lacing system. It is lighter and more affordable than the Supercross, although it likely won’t feel secure on more technical terrain. In addition, the Alphacross will only offer a minimal level of protection.

Suppose you’re on the hunt for a reasonably priced, comfortable shoe that’s still got decent traction and waterproofing capability. In that case, the Alphacross Blast GTX is worth checking out; if you mostly run trails in fair weather, go for the standard version of the shoe. If you are looking for something of a similar price and more suited to a lighter trail, check our Salomon Sense Feel GTX review after testing them on a 30K light trail run.

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