The updated Salomon Amphib Bold 2 shoes have made a few improvements to the previous model. They are very light at 210 grams, breathability, and will offer you versatility as we gear up for some much-needed summer fun. You can collapse the heel to wear it like slide footwear. In this guide, we’ll give the Amphib Bold 2 a full review, look at the key features as well as the pros and cons.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 Full Review

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 Water Shoe

Construction of the Amphib Bold 2 used a synthetic outer material, so the upper is highly breathable and comfortable for your summer run on the trail or water adventure. As we mentioned earlier, the heel is collapsible if you want to wear it like a slide. If you are using the shoe more for running and need a secure fit, Salomon’s quick lace system has got down to a fine art.

SALOMON Men's Amphib Bold 2 Sneaker, Black/Black/Quarry, 6.5 UK

The closure system’s design makes it easy and fast to pop the Salomon Amphib Bold 2 on and off. Classed as water shoes, their ability to drain is excellent, and that is one of the key reasons we have featured them on our blog, so if you love to go running where your crossing streams and water obstacles, the Amphib Bold 2 trail shoe might be perfect.

The EVA sock liner offers good cushioning and comfort (for a water shoe) that you need on the trail. The sock liner’s design uses S.Café® technology, made from coffee grounds (strange but true), which Salomon say is excellent at managing moisture and managing odour in the footwear.

Midsole Cushioning

SALOMON Amphib Bold 2 Sneaker, Black/Black/Quarry, 6.5 UK

The EVA foam provides shock attenuation in the midsole for comfortable wear that is kinder on your body and joints. This midsole cushioning allows you to run freely and as a result, with confidence wherever your summer adventure takes you. The key reason to buy these trail shoes is to run in water and very wet conditions on the trail. If you are looking for ultra comfort above all else and could take or leave the amphibious features, then these are not the right shoe for you. The same is true if you are looking for a more traditional water shoe.

Rubber Outsole & Grip

First of all, the rubber outsole will give you runners some good traction on uneven terrain. Secondly, the outsole also provides grip on wet or dry surfaces making the shoe pretty versatile. This rubber compound is highly durable and therefore built to last.

SALOMON Men's Amphib Bold 2 trainers

The Salomon Amphib Bold 2 also comes with a protective toe cap for that extra bit of protection you’ll need when running on trails where there are water obstacles. It’s harder to notice rocks, stones and branches when they are covered even in a few inches of water, so having toe protection is a must.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 PROS & CONS

  • They have an amazing ability to drain water and dry very fast
  • Great all-round use for a variety of sports that involve water
  • Use as a trainer or collapse the heel and transform it into a slide
  • Power through shallow river crossings and streams, knowing the sole is fully protected
  • If you are looking purely for a water shoe – rather than water shoe for running,then there are better options.


I would describe the Salomon Amphib Bold 2 as a running shoe with water capabilities rather than a water shoe with running capabilities. However, seeing as we are a running blog, that doesn’t matter to us. If you’re a trail runner who wants to plough through puddles, these shoes would be a solid buy.

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