Finding a way to stow, carry and access essential items can be challenging as a trail and ultra runner. The Salomon Pulse Belt aims to solve this problem by providing a compact and comfortable solution to carry all your essential items during a long run or ultra-marathon. In this review, we’ll look at the features and benefits of this belt and any drawbacks and issues that might be present. I own two of these running belts and put them through the wringer.

Table of Contents: Salomon Pulse Belt Review

Salomon Pulse Belt Review

The Salomon Pulse belt is designed for comfort and convenience, making it easy to secure items without experiencing movement and bounce. I can’t recommend this highly enough, and it is something I will always use during ultra-marathon events and on most runs. In the following sections, I’ll cover each key feature of the Salomon Pulse Belt and provide real-world examples of how it has helped me for daily runs, long runs, and ultra races up to 100K.

Salomon Pulse Belt Design and Fit

Salomon Pulse Belt Elasticated Fit

One of the first things I noticed about the Pulse Belt is its sleek design. It has a low profile and adds no bulk to your running attire. It fits snugly against your hips and doesn’t bounce around while running. The belt is made from a stretch material and comes in various to ensure a comfortable fit that won’t move around even during speed work or fartleks. They are unisex in design, so pick your belt based on the size guide; it is accurate from my experience.

Comfort and Breathability When Running

Salomon Pulse Unisex Belt Fit Arounc Waist

The material used to make the Pulse Belt is lightweight and breathable, perfect for all weather conditions. I never felt like the belt was chafing or causing discomfort during my runs. This is very important because if you are running for hours in the heat, then comfort is key. You are meant to wear it over your shorts and let it sit on your hips, so it should not come into contact with your skin.

Salomon Pulse Belt For Long Run & Ultra Marathons

Salomon Pulse Belt Hold Trail Running Poles

The Pulse Belt is perfect for carrying essential items such as a phone, keys, bank cards, and energy gels during long training runs in a zip pocket on the front. But on race day, it shines as it can also hold an extra soft flask in the back pouch and trail running poles, which are held in place by two elasticated loops which also grip onto the running poles. I’ve also used the back pockets to store my collapsable cup on race day too. I take my Salomon Pulse Belt on 95% of all my runs because I like to store my phone in the pouch.

Runner Wearing Salomon Pulse Belt In A Ultra Marathon

I’ve also used this belt for 50K and 100K trail running ultras events. It holds up well and doesn’t slip or rub during the entire race, and the pockets are also easily accessible and provide quick access to my items without any hassle. As you can see from the picture above taken at Big Bear Events race, I wear the Salomon Pulse belt with my Salomon Active Skin 4 hydration vest.

Durability Over 2 Years Of Daily Use

Despite its lightweight design, the Pulse Belt is incredibly durable from my experiences with them. I’ve used my two belts in rotation for almost all my runs, and it still holed up pretty well. The only issue with one is that the zipper sometimes gets stuck. This is because I pulled it too far down when opening, and it now had some fabric caught in the teeth.

When I Use The Salomon Pulse Belt

  • Daily runs when I want to take my phone and other items.
  • Long runs, as it can store my snacks and soft flask.
  • Ultra marathons, so I have quick access to my most needed items, and I can also stow the poles using the elasticated loops on the back.
  • Hiking and fast walking sessions.
  • I sometimes also use it when walking the dog because it is perfect for holding Albert’s poop bags and the occasional treat.

Salomon Pulse Belt Pros and Cons


  • Sleek design and is available in a few different colours
  • Stretch fit that holds in place but does not dig into your skin.
  • Holds multiple essential items without bouncing
  • Allows for stowing running poles at the back of the belt
  • Lightweight, breathable material and a few reflective accents for visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Excellent durability with the amount of use I give it.


  • It would not replace my running vest for an ultra because I like to carry plenty of hydration. However, I wear it in addition to my ultra running hydration vest on race days.
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Final Verdict On This Running Belt

Overall, the Salomon Pulse Belt is an excellent option for any trail or ultra runner looking for a lightweight, durable solution to store essential items. It is handy for ultra runners during a long race where extra room for hydration and fuelling is vital, as is the ability to stow running poles. I highly recommend this product as a must-have for anyone who loves trail running, regardless of whether or not they’re preparing for an ultra-marathon event. The price is exceptional for money, especially for an item I use daily – more if I do double-runs.

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