Running recovery sandals such as the Salomon RX BREAK 4.0 provide support for athletes after long runs. They offer more relief and recovery than a standard flip-flop or slide. Those bare sandals tend to be flat, and they can be too narrow for feet that are sore and swollen. The best running recovery sandals feature a good structure which in turn benefits the foot. After a long-distance run like a 20K and over, your feet need a little extra TLC. Long runs can be traumatic to the feet, and as runners, we need to look after them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Salomon RX BREAK 4.0 recovery sandal- which are what I use. I’ll give you my option on these flip flops, along with their pros and cons and overall thoughts. At the end of the guide, I’ll also provide a few alternatives for you to take a look at.

Salomon RX BREAK 4.0 Review

 RX BREAK 4.0, Grey (Stormy Weather/White/Arrowwood Stormy Weather/White/Arrowwood), 11 UK

The overall design of the Salomon RX BREAK 4.0 recovery sandals is top-notch. First of all, you’ll also get plenty of arch support from the footbed that will hug your feet. What’s more, you’ll also get plenty of cushioning in the midsole area with EVA foam, which is perfect for giving your feet a chance to relax, breath and recovery after a long run. One of my friends who also own these commented that she got relief from their plantar fasciitis while wearing her sandals. That is only anecdotal, I know, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

These are not just your standard flip flop type sandals that you’ll wear on the beach or after a shower at the gym. They are of high quality and offer a really good grip on the outsole so that they can be used for active recovery walks. They come with a toe rope/strap to hold the foot in place, which is fine for me. However, if you do not normally wear flip flops, they might take some getting accustomed too.

Salomon RX BREAK 4.0 Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight; with a soft midsole
  • Good value for money
  • Well made from durable materials
  • Very comfortable footbed and foam cushsioning
  • Actually have a really good grip on the outsole, so great for casual use too
  • If you’re not used to flip-flops, then the toe rope could irritate.
Salomon BREAK 4.0, Grey (Stormy Weather/White/Arrowwood Stormy Weather/White/Arrowwood), 11 UK

Overall Thoughts On The RX Break 4.0 Recovery Sandals

Overall, the Salomon RX BREAK 4.0 sandal are a great option if you are looking for footwear to use after a hard workout session. Using them will give your heels, ankles and toes a chance to relax, breath and recover. I don’t use them all time – only after my longer training runs. They are nice to chill out in and potter around the house.

If you’re not 100% sure on the suitabiliyy of the Salomon RX BREAK 4.0, there are some other options. A very popular brand is OOFOS and their range of Ooahh sandals.

RX BREAK 4.0 Alternative - OOFOS Ooahh Sports Sandal

The OOFOS Ooahh Sports recovery sandals feature what the company calls its OOfoam, which can absorb 37% more shock than regular cushioning.

The OOFOS Ooahh sandals reduce stress on the feet and the knees, and the lower back. It is hard to argue about the cushioning on these recovery sandals; you can see how much you get at first look. I’ve spoken to a couple of runners who the sandals’ bulky look has put off. That doesn’t bother me, as they are for recovering from runs and chilling at home rather than a fashion item.

In addition to the excellent comfort level, they’re also very breathable and easy to look after. If the sandals get a little sweaty or dirty, pop them in the washing machine, and the sandals will scrub up as good as new.

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