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Salomon Wildcross 2 Winter 2021 Preview

The Salomon Wildcross 2 is a running shoe with versatility and comfort that will allow you to run uninhibited on diverse types of trails. We expect to see this new Salomon trail runner released for Winter 2021 and available in both women’s and men’s versions, in a range of colourways – similar to the original shoe.

The Wildcross 2 has a little something for everyone. The shoe works equally regardless of whether you run on local park trails or plan to venture off the beaten track in the mud and require grip and stability from your footwear. In this preview, we will take a look at what we’ll find on the Wildcross 2.

Salomon Wildcross 2 Upper

Salomon Wildcross 2 Review 2021

The Salomon Wildcross 2 comes with a long-lasting upper, which will provide sufficient protection from trail debris and a stable base on which to run. The fabric of the upper that encases the feet will allow air to enter and exit quickly, keeping you well ventilated and comfortable on longer runs. Any warm air that can build up within the shoes will escape and then displaced with cool air from outside.

The Salomon SensiFit™ and Quicklace Kevlar™ lacing provide a great system to keep the shoe snug on the feet and produce foot-hugging security and support when running. Once fastened and tightened to how you like the fit to feel, the laces can be stored in the tongues lace pocket, stopping them from flapping around.

Wildcross 2 Outsole

The outsole of the Salomon Wildcross features Contagrip offers an aggressive grip that delivers excellent traction on a wide variety of surfaces, be that on wet, muddy and technical terrain alike.

The Contagrip soles are a mix of different compounds with different densities. Softer or harder compounds on the outsole’s various zones depending. Areas of the sole prone to wearing out faster feature harder-wearing high-density compounds, e.g., the outsole’s edge. The sole of the Wildcross 2 will also feature multi-directional lugs that will dig and grip into muddy terrain and allow you to power through.

Toecap And Mudguard

The protective toecap and mudguard protect the most vulnerable parts of the shoe and lessen the effects of bumps or knocks on the trail.

Alternative Trail Running Shoes

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