The Saucony Peregrine 11 is a versatile trail running shoe full of grip on a wide range of terrains. We’ll be offering you a complete and comprehensive review in this guide.

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Quick Overview

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Saucony Peregrine 11

The Peregrine 11 trail runner does everything properly without any gaping shortfalls. The new upper design is pretty cool and will get some head-turning looks when running on the trail. The most significant update to the Peregrine 11 is a new upper design that’s now more durable and protective than the earlier version. It’s a winning final touch that finishes this shoe and makes it one of the most versatile and practical shoes to wear if you run various terrains. Let’s face it; it can get costly if you were are using a different trainer for every type of terrain you run on.

Key Features & Specifications

  • FormFit Upper – Fits nicely to the feet for personalised comfort.
  • Lacing System – Secures the shoe to the midfoot.
  • PWRRUN Midsole – Innovative next generation  midsole.
  • FormFit Technology
  • PWRTRAC Rubber Outsole – Firm grip is and good traction..
  • Abrasion-Resistant Rubber – Stands up against abuse from below.
  • Chevron Tread – Durable chevron tread design digs into mud.
  • Heel Height – 27mm.
  • Forefoot Height – 23mm.
  • Drop – 4mm.
  • Weight – 310g.
  • Lug Height – 5mm.

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Peregrine 11 Full Review

The Peregrine has a performance-oriented design to fit that fastens each foot to the chassis of the shoe. What this does is avoids excess internal movement. Although only available in a medium width, it is a comfortable fit and has the feel of a road running shoe. The toe box is compact but not restrictive, allowing toes to splay and flex as you encounter different terrain types.

A flexible rock plate accompanies the moderate midsole cushioning, offering a comfy, flexible, and protective ride. The Peregrine 11 isn’t wildly energetic, but it feels and runs lighter than its spec weight. Consequently, it will serve up an agile, rhythmic sensation on most types of terrain.

Peregrine 11 Upper Design

The Upper

Made from flexible mesh fabric, Peregrine has a simple, aesthetically pleasing design of the shoe’s upper part. Featuring a quick-lace system that can be tucked into the tongue, so it’s not swinging around or rubbing on the ground. Also, the 3D-printed overlay and mesh shield over the tongue others up more protection from trail debris.

Outsole & Grip

The durable chevron tread design digs in for even more control and will feel like an insurance policy for your feet. We found the grip is reliable for descending slippery rocks, mud, running through streams, and providing traction running uphill on hardened ground. However, due to the stiff outsole, running and descending over wet roots could be more challenging. The Peregrine 11 lugs shine in muddy, softer conditions – common over the winter in the UK.


The fits true to size, and with the quick lace system, it works well regardless of foot width, with a toebox spacious enough for toes movement throughout the run while feeling snug and secure overall. Great for muddy days when you want to keep your feet free from wet trail debris.

Peregrine 11

Who's The Shoe Suitable For?

Lightweight and comfortable, the Peregrine will appeal to a range of runners. From trail runners to first-timers to those who frequently go off-road and those who love a muddy run.

It excels as a versatile, three-season trail running shoe for mild to semi-technical, low-alpine, desert, and woodland terrain.

For the right runner, the Peregrine 11 could be a tremendous race-day shoe for trail running events from 5K to half marathon. It could be the right choice for trail marathons too, but it doesn’t have hefty cushioning which larger runners might want.

Peregrine 11 Video


  • The full-length plastic rock plate is flexible and provides ample protection. Irregularities on the trail’s surface brushed aside without inhibiting the foot’s ability to move swiftly.
  • The outsole has aggressive, featuring 6mm directional lugs made from a new rubber compound that grips on wet and dry rock, but sheds mud with ease.
  • Twelve designated ports on the outsole; can be drilled through for improved drainage if you frequently run in muddy conditions or add screws for improved traction. 
  • Lugs give excellent traction on wet terrain and loose dirt. It has a modest amount of cushioning, plenty to keep trail debris at bay but not too much to inhibit a connection to the ground.
  • The 11 is the second edition of the Peregrine with PWRRUN midsole cushioning. The results are softer feel, and the shoe returns a bit more energy than other running shoes, especially when moving at moderate to fast speeds.


  • The Peregrine lacks sufficient protection for long, rocky, rugged fell trails. However, it has enough about it to handle shorter muddy segments of rocky routes.
  • Might not have enough chusion for heavier set runners.
Peregrine 11 Inside Step

Saucony Peregrine 11 Review Conclusions

Suppose you need a running shoe that will give you confidence and superior traction, then the Peregrine 11 is a good choice. The shoe is comfortable, feels secure, and provides a smooth and stable ride. Requires minimal break-in out of the box and has an amazingly easy-to-use quick lacing system. The Peregrine 11 can be used for regular training on all kinds of trails and conditions, including muddy ones. Faster and lighter runners will see it as fantastic for all-day, long runs. Update: From Feb 2022, the Saucony Peregrine 12 trail running shoes will be launched.

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