SKINS DNAmic BASE Women’s Long Sleeve Top is the base layer you need to up off the sofa and stay active when the weather tells you to stay indoors. In the following article, we’ll take a look at this base top and provide you with a SKINS DNAmic Base Women’s Long Sleeve Top review. Firstly, we’ll look at the key features and specifics of the construction.

Women's SKINS DNAmic Base Review

Skins DNAmic Base Women's Long Sleeve Top Review

SKINS DNAmic Base Compression Fit

This SKINS top is ideal for layering under your running jackets to give your performance that extra boost. Using DNAmic Gradient Compression gives your upper body muscles a boost to keep you on the go longer. The light compression technology gives the best support for your muscles, meant to increase muscle oxygenation and decrease blood lactate whilst supporting and stabilising active muscles to improve performance and speed up your recovery time. Made using a unique sizing system for Skins based on a BMI and anthropometrical algorithm. The Skin Fit guarantees that DNAmic Base Top provides an excellent piece of active gear with muscle compression benefits.

SKINS High Level Of Comfort & Moisture Wicking

You will stay comfortable thanks to the moisture management properties of the fabric that wick sweat and away from the skin. I find this a vital feature of a base layer because there is no point keeping the chill off your body if your body is soaked in sweat. This would pair up really well with a pair of women’s high-waisted leggings for running – especially in the colder times of the year.

Another feature we like is the semi-seamless construction that makes this Base Top irritation-free fit – the absents of rubbing seams means you can concentrate on the run and have fun. The SKINS DNAmic Base is completed with a high neck design; this layer is perfect for layering when running, walking, hiking and even skiing. Take the chill off your body on those long road or trail runs, or help to block out the cold on those winter hikes.

Final Thoughts On The Women's SKINS DNAmic Top

The ideal all-around base layer for all your sporting demands, the Skins DNAmic Base Long Sleeve Women’s Top is perfect for your next run or workout. This base layer offers lightweight dynamic gradient compression together with a semi-seamless construction. Overall, for the price of this top, the quality and the usability, you can’t go wrong. Over the colder months, you’ll get a great deal of use from this base layer top.

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