The UTOBEST running vest/backpack is a fantastic and affordable option for you. I’ve noticed that many of the individuals I follow on Instagram highly recommend this vest. Through my conversations with some of them, I received valuable feedback and information, which forms the foundation of this review. In this UTOBEST running vest review, I have carefully analyzed the feedback to provide a comprehensive overview of its key features. When I spoke to the owners, I specifically asked for their insights on why a runner should or should not invest in this pack. You’ll find these insights at the conclusion of this guide.

UTOBEST Running Vest/Backpack

UTOBEST Hydration Vest Capacity

The vest’s total storage capacity is 5.5 litres; this includes the running packs rear compartment, holding a 1.5L hydration system. You can buy the UTOBEST running pack with various options, such as the pack on its own, the pack with 2 X 350ml soft flasks or with a hydration reservoir. It is much better to buy a vest with the flasks rather than separately (all options listed below).

It’s probably worth getting the option with the soft flasks, as at least you’ll know they’ll fit nicely into the pockets. It might also be a good idea to buy some extra soft flasks; this can save you time at aid stations during an ultra event if you replace the empty flasks for full ones.

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Material, Comfort & Fit

Constructed from premium nylon and polyester mesh fabric, which will stretch and move with your body as you traverse your trail route. This material is pretty breathable and will allow wind and cool air to circulate the vest when you’re running.

This vest fits very well and can be easily adjusted across the chest area to fit more snugly. You’ll want a more snug fit, as this will reduce bounce and ensure a great fit while running. There is no need to worry about sizing like some other running packs, as the UTOBEST running pack is for chest sizes ranging from 31.5 to 47.3 inches

Storage, Pockets & Extra Features

UTOBEST Running vest/Backpacks

The UTOBEST running backpack offers decent storage at 5.5 litres – this is plenty for long trail runs. Furthermore, the pack is probably enough for most ultra-running events, too. Since the majority of races and events will have drop stations and aid stations, so you won’t need to carry all your kit for the entire route.

You also have zipper pockets to secure other personal items, such as your keys, money and phone. These pockets are big enough to stash most phones, such as iPhones or Samsung.

This running pack comes with an attached whistle at the front, so you won’t need to carry one separately – whistles are often a mandatory kit requirement for ultra events.

Reason To Buy The UTOBEST Running Vest/Backpack

In this section, we’ll give you some of the reasons users of the UTOBEST running backpack have given for buying and not buy. Everyone I spoke to only had positive things to say, so I had to push them for some negative feedback. I’m pretty sure there are some running who haven’t got on well with his pack; however, they’re harder to find because you won’t see them wearing the pack if it didn’t work out for them. Therefore, I’ve also been studying the negative reviews to offer you guys a more well-rounded guide.

UTOBEST Running Hydration Pack Lightweight Racing Backpack 5.5 Litre With 2 Soft Flask 350ml

Reasons Not To Buy The UTOBEST Running Vest/Backpack

UTOBEST Running Vest Final Thoughts

The UTOBEST Running Vest is an affordable solution designed with the needs of beginners and intermediate ultra-runners in mind. This vest stands out not only for its economical pricing but also for its thoughtful design and functionality. Engineered for maximum comfort, it features adjustable straps for a perfect fit, ensuring frictionless movement while running. Its lightweight and breathable material contributes to an overall comfortable experience, even on long runs

The vest includes ample storage options with easily accessible pockets, making it convenient for carrying essentials like hydration flasks, energy gels, and mobile devices. For safety, it is equipped with reflective patches, increasing visibility in low-light conditions. The UTOBEST Running Vest proves that quality doesn’t always come at a high cost. It strikes a balance between price and performance, making it an excellent choice for those venturing into the world of running and ultra-running.

We featured the UTOBEST in our guide to the best running vests and packs – so that is worth taking a look at if you want other options. Running does not have to be expensive, although it can be if you ignore some lesser known options out there.

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