Veloforte’s Energy Chews are the next in our series of articles looking at the Veloforte product range. Veloforte’s intended goal is to provide the perfect fuel for athletes and fitness enthusiasts by taking advantage of what nature has given us. Made from 100% natural ingredients, these delicious chews are tasty and pack all the essential nutrients to keep you going during long bouts of physical activity. 

Table of Contents: Veloforte Energy Chews

Veloforte Energy Chews Review

This Veloforte Energy Chews review will delve more in-depth into their unique aspects, from unmatched flavours to the built-in calorie and electrolyte balance. Get ready to discover why these energy chews are a must-have for your next workout, race or adventure, and let’s explore what makes them handy to have in your nutrition arsenal. Each pack contains the following;

  • Six pieces of soft chews
  • 168Kcals
  • 43g of quality carbs
  • 95mg Sodium and 50mg of Potasium


Veloforte Mela Energy Chews: Apple & Cinnamon Flavour

The Veloforte Mela Energy Chews offer a delightful combination of refreshing apple and warm cinnamon notes. The natural apple flavour is at the forefront, providing an invigorating fruity essence that awakens your taste buds with every chew. Adding cinnamon imparts a subtle spice and warmth, creating an elegant and well-rounded flavour profile that is both satisfying and stimulating. I’m a big fan of cinnamon, so this flavour was one of my favourites out of the four on offer.

Veloforte Citro Energy Chews: Citrus & Ginger Flavour

The Veloforte Citro Energy Chews present a harmonious fusion of zesty citrus notes and piquant ginger undertones, meticulously crafted to invigorate your senses and fuel your active lifestyle. Citro chews incorporate real juice from oranges for a vibrant, tangy flavour that instantaneously lifts your spirit deep into an endurance race. The natural juices extracted from these fruits also contribute to their appealing texture, making them succulent and non-sticky. A subtle hint of ginger warmth adds something extra to what might otherwise be a standard flavour chew.

Veloforte Fresco Energy Chews: Lemon & Cool Mint Flavour

The Veloforte Fresco Energy Chews offer a perfect combination of zesty lemon and cooling mint. A couple of these chews will leave your taste buds and your senses invigorated, and your mind alert. Every bite will greet you with a tangy lemon flavour derived from real lemon juice, instantly perking up your palate. But that’s not all; the cool mint flavour balances out the zinginess, providing a calming and refreshing taste.

Veloforte Amaro Energy Chews: Sour Cherry & Gurana Flavour

The Amaro chews are predominantly characterised by the sour cherry flavour, which gives them a fruity and tangy kick. The cherries are real and natural, delivering a rich, authentic taste that I love! Not only that, but these energy chews also contain a hint of guarana – a natural caffeine source that’s known for its energy-boosting properties. Adding guarana helps keep you focused and alert, which is a must during endurance running or cycling. The taste is quite pleasant and not too strong. It’s not sour, but more like the taste of dark cherry. Although I was looking forward to trying this flavour, there were other flavours I liked more.

Veloforte Energy Chews: Mixed Flavours

If you’re unsure which flavour to choose, try out the mixed flavour pack of Veloforte energy chews. This allows you to test Amaro, Citro & Fresco flavours and find your personal favourites (no Mela in the pack though). I enjoy switching up the chews during a long training run to treat my taste buds, but you may discover that one flavour works best for you. Combine a few of these packs with your prefered gels, drinks and snacks and you’ll be on to a real winner.

Veloforte Energy Chews Texture

Veloforte Energy Chews boast a distinctive and pleasant texture that differentiates them from other available energy chews. These chews are crafted with a blend of natural and high-quality ingredients, which make them irresistibly chewy, yet not overly sticky. This perfect balance between chewiness and softness ensures they are easy to consume and do not stick to your teeth.

The outer layer of these energy chews has a slightly harder consistency and a light dusting. The soft and tender inner layer is revealed as you chew, providing a delightful contrast. If you can’t face chewing when running or cycling, don’t worry because they will dissolve in your mouth anyway. This dual-textured characteristic makes the chews more enjoyable and provides a satisfying mouthfeel, energising you throughout your training session or endurance workout.

Veloforte Energy Chews Made From Real Ingredients

These energy chews are made of real fruit juices and a natural flavour, enhancing their overall texture profile. This infusion of authentic fruity taste and aroma elevates your snacking experience, breaking the monotony of typical energy products that may feel heavy and artificial on your palate.

Veloforte Energy Chews Nutritional Content & Electrolytes

These chews provide you with a balance of electrolytes and energy-releasing carbs. Each pack (6 chews) boasts 168Kcal and 43g of Carbs. The 95mg sodium content helps your muscles contract and relax, while 50mg of potassium helps to carry nutrients to muscle cells

Veloforte Energy Chews Pros & Cons


  • It contains natural ingredients and electrolytes crucial for fueling an active lifestyle. 
  • They are so easy to eat even when tired, and if you don’t feel like chewing, they’ll eventually dissolve in your mouth anyway.
  • Ideal using during marathons and ultra-marathons to give you that little extra energy boost.
  • A variety of great-tasting flavours to choose from. 
  • The perfect alternative to energy gels or can be used in addition to energy gels for a variety in taste and texture during your activity.
  • They perfectly balance chewiness and softness, making them easy to consume. 
  • They are not overly sticky or messy, making them ideal for carrying during training or race events.


  • The price is steep due to the high-quality and natural ingredients. 


When Can I Take Them?

Nutrition When Trail or Ultra Running

Veloforte Energy Chews are perfect for taking before, during and after physical activity. Enjoy the 20-30 minutes before a run or cycle session as an energy boost. During a ultramarathon trail race or long training session, take two every 30 minutes for sustained energy levels. These chews can help you regain essential nutrients lost during exercise and restore energy levels. After exercising, take two chews with a glass of water to help replenish electrolytes and give yourself that extra boost. You can use these chews for endurance sports in many ways, so experiment and find what works best for you!

Use Energy Chews To Supplement Or Replace Energy Gels

Other Ultra Running Fuel Options - Veloforte

Veloforte’s energy chews are a great alternative to energy gels for ultra-running for those who don’t enjoy their texture or taste. They can also be used in addition to Veloforte energy gels and Veloforte energy bars; providing an array of flavours and textures that will break up the monotony of eating gel after gel. If you don’t know which one to go for, grab a multi-pack and experiment with the different flavours on your long runs or bike rides.

Final Thoughts

Veloforte Energy Chews are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional energy bars and gels. They’re also free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body. Packed with the calories, carbs and electrolytes you need for prolonged exercise, training and racing, these chews can really add something new to your fueling strategy.

A nice selection of flavours such as Mela (Apple & Cinnamon), Citro (Citrus & Ginger), Fresco (Lemon & Cool Mint), and Amaro (Sour Cherry & Guarana) keeps things interesting too.

Another thing I love about Veloforte Energy Chews is how convenient they are to take on the go. Unlike bars and gels, they’re easy to pop into your mouth mid-run or ride without hassle with packaging or sticky fingers. They’re also perfect for long rides where you need quick energy without feeling weighed down by heavy snacks.

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