As a runner, foot care is crucial because this part of the body takes a heck of a beating. Whilst many bloggers and fellow runners will talk about the importance of finding the right pair of running shoes for you, running socks are often overlooked. Yet, like shoes, the wrong pair of running socks can cause you many problems. In this guide, I’m going to present my picks of the best available waterproof running socks.

Table of Contents: Waterproof Running Socks Guide

Best Waterproof Socks For Runners

SealSkinz Waterproof Cold Weather Socks

SealSkinz is a leading brand in waterproof socks for outdoor lovers – their speciality is waterproofing. Don’t worry; despite the name, no seals are harmed in making od these socks. Sealskinz were the first waterproof running socks I ever tried.

I got them as a Christmas present in 2019 and, despite being a little sceptical, was blown away with how good they are. I don’t use them all the time – for shorter wet runs. I don’t mind my feet getting wet. However, for longer runs through muddy fields and deep puddles, they work a treat. They are available in a variety of lengths and levels of warmth – so you can find the right pair of socks for summer or winter. Like many socks that are waterproof, they have two layers of soft baric on either side of a waterproof layer. SealSkinz is high quality, durable and extremely comfortable to wear.

Compare SealSkinz Waterproof Socks

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Socks - Climate Guide

SealSkinz offer a range of socks that are great for both warm and cold weather outdoor fun. Take a loom below to compare their full range.

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OTTER 100% Waterproof Socks With COOLMAX CORE

ArcticDry Xtreme 100% Waterproof Socks

Do Waterproof Socks For Running Really Work?

Yes, waterproof socks for running do work. Yet, waterproof socks are one item that you don’t understand just how good they are until you have tried a pair. I was sceptical at first until I tried a pair of SealzSkin I got as a Christmas present. They are certainly no gimmick and are much better at keeping your feet dry than Gore-Tex running shoes – where rain will still get in through the ankle area.

Waterproof socks for MEN & WOMEN

Waterproof socks keep your feet nice and dry and don’t feel too dissimilar to regular running socks. If you are a runner who gets out come rain or shine, investing in a pair of waterproof socks is undoubtedly worth it.

Waterproof socks will work for a certain amount of time. However, after prolonged use and washing, the membrane will break down, and water can penetrate the feet. On average, with a good quality pair, expect them to last between 9-12 months.

Why Use Waterproof Socks For Running?

As you know, it can get very wet in the UK. If running in wet conditions, the first part of your body that will feel the effects of getting wet will be your feet.

Your feet can get pretty wet even when running on the track, and the feeling can be uncomfortable. Discomfort can multiple if you’re running in diverse trail terrain in a mountainous area with streams, bogs and muddy areas. Water is one thing, but muddy water can be harder to drain from your shoe, and even if they do start to dry, you can feel the grit and dirt between your toes and around your feet.

Over the winter months, we can get freezing temperatures. If you’re running with wet feet in cold weather conditions, your feet can become frozen quickly. Even when the weather is not too cold, running in soaking wet socks can cause the skin to crease and get wrinkly – especially on longer runs. With waterproof running socks, you can limit the number of times this happens. They’ll especially useful for ultra running events

Are Waterproof Running Socks Expensive?

It depends on what you call expensive, but the short answer is yes – they are relatively expensive. Good quality waterproof socks are more expensive than good quality regular running socks. I believe the cost is justified, though, and you do get what you pay for with them. Waterproof socks will have more layers that prevent water from getting inside and keeps our feet dry for the duration of your runs.

Thanks, guys, for taking the time to read our guide. You might also want to take a peek at our running socks for plantar fasciitis guide for more sock ideas.

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